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Best softball story

Dec 15, 2018
Our league's 12U team was playing a game before ours, so I was hanging over the fence by the dugout. After a loooooong conference in the circle, coach comes back shaking her head. I ask her what's up, and, almost straight out of a Bull Durham scene: "Sally just got her period, Gabby's crying about that ball she dropped two innings ago, and Mac says this is the umpire with the curse and he calls everything on the outside corner a ball, so....yeah, 12U is great, just wait."
Jun 26, 2019
Here is another one... My younger daughter got the bug to play when her older sister started 10u, she was 7 and went to a winter camp having never played ball yet. She was as young of players they allowed there and is tiny for her age, on the chart at the doctor's office she is typically at a low single digit percentage for height but has been in gymnastics since she was a toddler so she is a surprisingly athletic little thing. Towards the end of the camp they had the younger kids scrimmage, as she rotated to left field I didn't expect her to get much action the following happens: the girl at bat barely touched the top of the ball with the bat watched as it slowly rolled to the pitcher barely moving, the pitcher never took a step, just put her glove down and waited for the ball and I wasn't sure if it was going to get there. She came in at mach 5 from left field with the coach telling the batter to run to first and almost beat the pitcher to the ball she was running so hard she almost ran into the coach who was clearly amused at the situation, as was I. I see her talking to the coach pointing to where she came from the coach goes from smiling to laughing. The coach later told me that she asked if she was going to be in trouble for "stealing" the other girls ball.
Jan 8, 2019
8U rec ball. End of season mini tournament (so ~ late May). Friday afternoon semi finals. All four fields were going with varying age divisions. Our team was playing on the HS varsity field, which was a treat in itself.

Our game goes into ITB. By the third extra inning, we realized that, one by one, all the other games had ended, and most of the fans from each game were coming over to see what all the excitement was about. The final inning (it was going to be pushed to the next day due to darkness if there had not been a winner), there must have been close to 150 fans cheering for every play.

We lost by 1, but at least we got to sleep in the next day. The finals started the next morning at 9. It was one of the best shows of support I have ever seen in sports.
Nov 26, 2010
Love it!

In a middle school PE class one day, I told a girl who was STRUGGLING rolling the rubber bowling ball that she had a LH ball and needed to go ask the other PE teacher for a RH one. She was one of my buddies kids, so it made it even better.
Well there is such a thing as a RH and LH bowling balls.
Jul 13, 2017
We were playing a big rival in a semi final for a major championship. In our pre-game scrum, once it was known we were home, the girls were chatting and came up with an idea designed to impress and be "real pros". To start off on the right foot kind of thing. They were going to line up in the dugout and when it was time, bolt out of the dugout and sprint like there is no tomorrow to their fielding positions.

Now, everyone can see the benches, there is just chain link in place. My daughter is the first one in the line, ready to blast out. As she starts to move, she trips right at the opening to the field. The players behind aren't watching , as they are screaming and yelling towards the other team. The next 4 girls trip over my daughter keystone kops style, raising a dust cloud to bring even more highlight to the action. They had to spend the next few minutes brushing themselves off and hoping no one saw what happened. We all saw......

Needless to say, they made quite the impression for that game. Real pros.
Jan 22, 2011
There is a player the 1st time I saw her was at an 8u 'advanced skills clinic' our rec league runs the weekend before our all-star tryouts. I was excited about this one player who had decent size and good skills for an 8u player.

Two days later I'm umpiring a 10u rec game and this player steps into the batters box. I go 'Bella? What are you doing here?'. She's a 2004 birthdate, but a 2023 HS grad year.

I coach her in 10u fall ball that fall. I tell her every time to try to bunt until she has one strike, then she can hit away. One game she swings at the first pitch and hits a legit double I have her stretch into a triple. She gets to third and I go 'Bella, what are you suppose to do until you get a strike?' I pause for three beats, go 'Beautiful triple' and give her a high five.

My DD's high school plays her high school this spring just before the Corona shutdown. Bella lays down beautiful bunts her first two at bats and is safe. 3rd at bat she lays down another bunt and is barely out.
Oct 15, 2013
What is your best softball story? What is agood story that captures the true flavor of being Parent/Coach/Player in the Softball Universe?

Mine: I'm standing next to a Pitcher's Daddy. The pitcher throws one over the middle of the plate. The batter hits a line drive rocket off the right field fence. The Daddy says, "If the RF had been taught how to drop step, she would have gotten it."

Mine: Our 18u team had made it to Sunday and we had to win one more game to get to championship game. If we won this game there would be a 3 hour wait. We told the girls that if somehow they could score enough runs and possibly run rule the opposing team we would take them to a local mall close by. They all said " we can do this ". We had first ups. What happened next was nothing short of shocking. We sent 22 batters to the plate before the first out. We had scored 18 runs in the first inning. The opposing team and coaches said they had never seen that many hits in one inning. After that first inning, one of the coaches approached me and said " do they always hit like that" to which my reply was "no they don't but it might be because we promised to take them shopping".

Morale of the story: Girls really like to shop!!
For me it was how I got into coaching. I was at my daughters first game at 10U. I had no idea that I would ever coach. The assistant coach did not show up (I think he was out of town). Head coach asked for someone to help set up the bases and prep the field. He then asked if anyone could help him coach. It's a long story but 7 years later I am still involved. Travel ball mainly. My daughter also plays in a women's league and now plays in college (freshman).
Jan 21, 2019
Back in 8u (coach pitch) rec days, we are playing in the opening season tournament championship game against our rival. They were our rival because the coach's wife and a few other parents on that team were just jerks...all the time.

Bases are loaded, 2 outs and we are down a couple of runs - we are probably about 45 minutes into a 60 minute game. We are on offense, I'm pitching. My batter smokes one down the right field line. Instantly you know its a HR...no 8u right fielder is getting that ball back in quickly. I run off the field of play, grab the bat and move out of the way. As I pick up the bat I look toward 3rd and see one of my runners, lil Sally new girl that's never played before, round and miss 3rd base on her way home. The fans from the other team see it and immediately start yelling. All 4 runs cross the plate and we take the lead. The other coach calls time and runs to the umpire. He says "ump, the kid that was on 2nd missed 3rd based - she should be out". Keep in mind I"m back behind the plate out of the way and can hear everything. So I hear the umpire reply "I didn't see it". I calmly walk back to the pitchers circle while the coach and ump talk. Soon enough they make their way to me. The ump says to me "coach we have a problem here in that this coach says one of your runners missed 3rd base". I look at the ump and say "did you see it?". As I knew he would, the ump says no. I look at him and say "then why are we talking about this?" Ump says everyone is safe, play ball. The other coach and their fans went absolutely nuts. It was hilarious.

My 3rd base coach asked me after the inning if I saw her miss 3rd (he didn't) and I said yes. He said you didn't want to admit it? I said have you ever seen Nick Saban call back a TD play because an official missed a hold on the play? Nope.

Those parents were relentless on me all season after that but it was well worth it.

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