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Ken Krause
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  • Hey Ken....couple dumb Questions.....what exactly does DD mean ? What is requried to move up from jr. member?
    What is the exact size of the avatar box in pixcel....thank you :{)
    Hi Ken...I am new to this board...and I wanted to try and find video's of a few of the top Div 1 College gals swings..... do you know how I can find those if any here on your board???

    two things first is sot of technical issue ( i think) when i come ot the site and do not sign in immediately and then get reay to "post" or "send a mesage" a screen pops up asking username and password. everytime i enter it there it says "beep no good user name or password no good" I then sign in inthe littel box uptop with no problem. first couple times I figured it was my fumbling fingers but seems pretty consistent. No biggy but you might check it out.

    Second - how about a base running "major topic thread" in addition to the hitting and pitching.

    thanks, glad you shut down the venom. I was noticing it showing up. Sometimes in the pitching threads too
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