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The most overlooked technique for creating bat speed/power? Does bat speed = power?


Jun 11, 2015
Ok but the point is it is on the order of a ms...I am not sure what argument you are pursuing here...or are you just trying to give me a tough time? It was you who said that Dr. Nathan said that grip matters for anything other than black out sweet spot contact, I am just trying to give a reason for this conclusion.
Not giving you a tough time at all. Just thought you might want to factor that in. Sorry for that.


Jun 8, 2016
Not giving you a tough time at all. Just thought you might want to factor that in. Sorry for that.
Not a problem, all of my blathering is just me guessing (semi-educated) anyway so what is a factor of 1.5 amongst friends :cool:
Apr 11, 2015
Speed is a scalar (0th order tensor), velocity is vector (magnitude and direction, 1st order tensor)..but I will let it go ;)
Thanks, appreciate your understanding...and pity on me. :)

EDIT: OK, time to get back to work...anyone got any ideas on building a bridge over a Koa pond for elderly folks (my parents), one who use's a cane?

Talk with y'all later,
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Jun 11, 2015
I can see the either I'm not writing succinctly enough, or your not reading comprehensively enough...but one way or another it's obvious (at least to me) that we're definitely not communicating well at all.

No, in what I wrote (or attempted to write) was that the bat would break IF the ball hit the handle AND Todd was holding ("vise grip[ping]") it securely as in...

However, wrt to your bat breaking "in a 'no hands' collision" scenario possibility...while probably humanly physically impossible, I do believe it to be "theoretically" possible that a baseball could be thrown (or shot) at the handle of an unsecured bat at a velocity that could/would be able to break the bat at the handle.

Which btw, I also believe could be said about throwing/shooting a baseball at the barrel of an unsecured wood bat, and breaking it...it's just that it would have to be at a substantially much greater speed/velocity (pattar will probably tell me how I messed up correlating those two words..;)) than would be needed to break the same bat at the handle.
I'm picking up what your laying down.

I agree, the bat would not break at the velocities represented in the no hands Fraizer clip.

Do you think in your 'vise grip' handle strike scenario the ball would travel farther than my 'no hands' handle strike scenario?

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