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  • Hello Mr. Hillhouse,
    You met with my daughters pitching coach, Jeni Lambert, this week. Jeni was excited to pass on with my daughter, Kendra, what you had shared with her. Tonight we had an exciting lesson. Kendra went away feeling good about the few changes Jeni is making, and she did awesome. We have struggled with getting her speed up but tonight showed great promise. Kendra is a good 'movement' pitcher but has always been pushed back by the enamoured coaches who seem to think its all about speed. It is refreshing for her to have the success she had tonight in just one lesson. I know these changes, thanks to you sharing your ideas, will finally get Kendra under the 'radar' and ready to showcase her talent at a higher level. I hope we get the opportunity to meet you on your next trip to Georgia. And maybe you'll get tthe opportunity to see Kendra throwing the Bill Hillhouse style!
    Thanks so much,
    Teena Pfister
    Bill you mentioned in older posts about not hanging the change up, up in the strike zone with a lot of back spin. Which makes good sense. You did not go in to how not to though... Is there a way to throw a change up with top spin?
    Thanks for all your posts.
    We are changing my daughters pitching style to yours. We have been doing the drills, and speed and accuracy have been improving. She has problems with her momentum carrying her forward over her front foot when she finishes her pitch. Any advice on this? good or bad?
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