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No Softball in Illinois this Summer?

Apr 28, 2014
No, now is seems like people with no authority act like the gestapo.
Some of them do too!
But you mean you have never seen people act like their federal agents when then run a gate?
If not you haven't been around the game long enough
May 25, 2020
my experience has been you give them money, they give you a wristband and you go watch softball. pretty simple. i guess there could be a conflict if you don’t pay.
May 29, 2015
Fair enough ... I just had never heard that from coaches up there before. However, it's also not part of my "realm" there. I just take a keen interest in how places run due to my organizational development background.

The issues I had heard from coaches (or staff) were the Legendary Larry story I relayed and a common issue of coaches not having their issued credentials (or parents saying they were coaches). Honestly, I had never even noticed credentials except at the State Tournaments. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that USA Softball pressures them during State Tournaments (and Nationals when they host them). Not making any excuses, because I agree with you on customer service issues ... just sharing some info.

Here is another thing ... and I have no idea if this was a factor ... but I know there were some legal issues (or at least questions raised) about charging admission for a park district facility. That is not a Bloomington-specific matter (actually Normal, but hey who's normal?!), but something I have heard from multiple municipalities that I have worked with.
May 29, 2015
... and as soon as I say something ...

The league night UIC reached out to me last night and indicated they may try to start league games in the middle of June ... ???
May 29, 2015
Received this last night from a board member/UIC for LOLJOS in Springfield ...

We are planning on League play resuming the week of June 22nd. There will be a very limited number of contests in order for us to make certain we can adhere to all safety regulations.

Tournament play is scheduled to start with the Summer Slam the weekend of June 26 - 28. This will be a USA Softball tournament.

We will continue with the Bat Blazer July 3-5. This will be a USSSA event.

The USA Softball of Illinois 16A and 18A state tournaments will be July 9-12.
They are also looking at adding tournaments beyond the normal mid-July end of the season.
Apr 1, 2017
We typically don't "travel" and play B/C tournaments around Chicagoland, with one tournament that needs hotel rooms at the end of the season.

However, we've added 2 Wisconsin tournaments that are still "drivable", and are going to Iowa for the hotel one, to try and get some games in. Not sure that counts "Softball in Illinois", but we're trying. IF, Illinois allows tournaments in July/August, we have 4 more scheduled starting 7/17, and will play about a month longer than originally scheduled.
Nov 9, 2019
Tournaments in Oklahoma seemed to have adopted team gate fee's. No Old Bats at the gates no standing in line to get in. Nice and the team gate fee will be paid by parents anyway, probably tournament won't make as much with Aunts, Uncles etc. attending. Probably will change back to individual if things settle down but nice for now.
Jun 6, 2016
Chicago moves to Phase 3 on Wednesday, so we're going to start our practices then. There are a bunch of guidelines to follow, but we'll at least be able to start.

I wish they'd announce whether Phase 4 will allow for games. If so, we have something to look forward to. If not, we know a season is out of the question and we can plan from there.
Feb 15, 2017
Looks like they moved 12u and 10u USA state away from Normal to Pekin. Besides the obvious downgrade with facilities they also dropped it from a 4gg to a 3gg which is an absolute travesty for a 4 day tournament. Bunch of sitting around. And what’s worse is they scheduled it on July 4th weekend which is the same weekend as Top Gun in Peoria and PGF in Indy. Total bummer!!