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  1. Coach Lia

    medicine ball

    to get the correct weight it is important to try the med ball. Get a the heaviest ball you can get and try an exercise...make sure to be able to execute the exercise without compromising form....Try the exercise for several reps...if form changes or is not able to execute properly it must be too...
  2. Coach Lia

    Arm Strength

    Do separate conditioning drills for arms like rotator cuff exercises to protect your arm from overused injuries. Increase in core and leg strength will help on pitching strength. Softball Pitching - Core Training Increases Pitching Performance
  3. Coach Lia

    Recommended read: Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitt

    Several <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Sneaky-Softball-Pitching-Tactics-Destroy/dp/061535498X">Softball pitching</a> books have been published but rare are the ones that teach you not only having the correct basics but teaching you how to use your pitches wisely. The Sneaky Pitching Softball...
  4. Coach Lia

    Daughter Pitching

    Softball Pitching entails more than the basics and speed. Your daughter has pretty much established her fundamentals, she can now move to the other aspects of pitching. Knowing what and when the pitches are suppose to be given or what kind of delivery or approach she should use are some of the...
  5. Coach Lia

    Advice on Pitching Coaches

    not familiar on them but for you to have more on your list you can check coach Hal's book on Softball Pitching Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing
  6. Coach Lia

    When to start teaching breaking pitches

    It is always important to get the very basics of the fastball established. When she has good solid mechanics with it then you can go on teaching slowly the mechanics of the other pitches. One good book to read on softball Pitching would be this: Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics...
  7. Coach Lia

    Strength & Endurance Routines

    There are several training methods and practices you may do for your DDs...for endurance: you may use interval training. Do 100% sprints the distance between bases and then do light jog going back. Do this for 8-10 times. As for increase in strength, prioritize core training and leg...
  8. Coach Lia

    Good drills/training to increase running speed

    Most basic to help improve in speed is to check your running form. Then know your training regimen, How do you train for your games? Make sure to focus on your core, legs, calf muscles and inner an outer thigh. Make sure to train using intervals. Softball Training - Stop Running, Start Sprinting
  9. Coach Lia

    Get a bike!

    Anything that gets the heart pumping is the best way to develop endurance. Running, swimming and biking are definitely a must for any growing child. These activities build self confidence as well. Simply Way to Train Your Softball Team
  10. Coach Lia

    Pitcher stamina

    Interval training would be a good way to keep stamina maintenance during tournament. Alternate sprints and light jogs or you can do it on a bike (if available) 30 secs sprints, 1mins slow spin for 6-8 sets you can sprint the fastest to first base then light jog around the remaining bases. Then...
  11. Coach Lia

    Post-tournament recovery

    Recovery as Screwball said must be done immediately after games, cool down, proper stretches and recovery food are the best things to do after playing. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness) occurs when proper cool down is not done after playing Softball Training - The Importance of Recovery and...
  12. Coach Lia

    Help with off season cardio

    If you have a track you can start by 50m sprint (max speed) then jog the rest of the track then do this 3X/ 2-3x a week, increase reps weekly until you reach 6x reps then do this on the field.. sprint from home to home then jog home to home..do this for 6x times 3x a week...
  13. Coach Lia

    Workout to prevent injuries

    Your periodization is correct. Here are some answers for your questions: 1.Exercise specifically for agility - jumping rope, ladder drills, 4-quadrant drills, lateral movements, stop and go drills core - planks, modified planks, stability ball exercises, single leg exercises, Shoulder...
  14. Coach Lia

    Now what am I going to do for the next 3 months?

    Update with new softball drills or conditioning workouts :) cross training would be good too Softball Training - What is the off-season for?
  15. Coach Lia

    Winter workouts

    Have you done conditioning to strengthen your athlete's legs like body weight squats, calf raises, or adductor/abductor exercises plus core training which will help them with your sprint and agility drills? You can start first on strengthening then go on to speed and agility drills to have a...

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