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recruiting question

Apr 28, 2019
Is she left handed?
I wouldn’t think it would matter much. Usually CF have a little better speed/range not necessarily a stronger arm than LF/RF A good OF will play all OF positions at some time or another. If she can hit, has good speed, a strong arm, and is flexible where she plays in the OF she will get noticed and find a home somewhere.
Feb 3, 2011
If a college coach is there to see your daughter her TB coach should have a conversation the college coach as soon as they arrive. I tell the college coaches that we are there for them and ask them to tell us what players they want to see at what positions and I make it happen. I will go so far as to have a kid hit every inning and adjust what pitches are being thrown in order to get some balls to a player that has coaches watching. All of our players and parents understand why we do this and are onboard. If her current TB coach won't do the same, find another team where the coaches are committed to getting her recruited.
Perfectly stated and executed. This is what happens when it's about the athletes.

OP, if your DD has coaches in attendance to see her, they're going to want to see her hit and her coach or liaison should have direct contact with the recruiters who can let them know what they'd like to see on that day. And if there has been no contact between your team staff and the coaches who are there to watch, this is a time when it is perfectly OK to get her coach's attention to let them know they have a visitor.
May 9, 2010
If she’s gone on a couple official visits, then she’s doing something right. Those schools are interested. Again, if her TB coach isn’t her advocate, then I would switch teams.
Aug 13, 2013
all my OF on my 18u team know I will put them in any OF spot. They need to be able to play all of them. I also talk to the college coaches (being one myself ) to see if they want to see a OF in a certain OF spot

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