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NSC College Recruiting Tournament


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
It might be a good idea to spend some time and find out what your DD's plans are after softball, and then pick a school accordingly. Don't let the college coaches control your DD's college selection.
Jun 6, 2009
I hope that this is appropriate putting this thread here since it is about trying to get seen and not about players in college.

Last year, we played in a "college exposure tournament" and was very disappointed. Only about 12 colleges were there. It was a rain shorten tournament and we do understand about that BUT there were still the same number of teams playing. Our team won that tournament and yet, the reason we were in it in the first place was for the exposure.

Conversly, we played this weekend in Overland Park, Kansas. I can't tell you how many college coaches were there. I took 25 individual player profiles of my child and handed every one of them out. I regret not having more. These coaches came from every level of play. There were Big 12 schools there, NAIA schools, all the way down to JUCOs.

The format was also neat. In pool play, the first game's rules were, you had runners on 1st and 2nd every inning. The second game runners were started on 1st and 3rd every inning. In the last game, bases were loaded to every inning. The emphasis was how the players dealt with these conditions. Also, it showed how much these players were exposed to. For example, we ran pickoff plays constantly. Our catcher was able to really showcase her arm. I'd say that we picked a runner off every game.

For Sunday, they matched teams for the first round game that they believed would have the best draw for coaches. These games were single elimination. The hitter started with a 1-1 count. Personally I've played most of my life in some form of ball. I've coached for a few decades. I've never been in a tournament better run, officiated and fun. If I may, Mary Nutter ran the tournament. She was at the front gate greeting ALL PARTICIPANTS AND COACHES. She was there all day for 3 days. My congratulations to her and her staff.

If I can, PLEASE try to find some equivalent to this for you child. Brianna had such a good time.

BTW, the only negative was that we did lose 3 players this weekend. We finished 3rd and had 4 players playing out of position and so, were glad we were able to battle and continue to play. We lost one pitcher and so, 2 pitchers had to split time each game tyring to continue to advance. It was only a matter of time before we ran out of gas.

Perhaps this portion of this thread should be in the college forum. My dd was offered at a couple of NAIA schools. They don't have to guidelines that NCAA schools have. BB is going to be a junior. I wasn't prepared for a college coach to come up and say that if BB would verbal to them, then and there, she would have a full ride. I know verbals aren't binding but I still wasn't prepared for this. I will give one of these coaches credit. From the time he approached me, he watched every game we played on Sunday. If anyone wants to see the "brochure" I made for my dd (it isn't fancy) pm me and I'll get your email to send one to you.

I would follow sluggers advice. It (in most instances) is far more important the education that matches your daughters desires, campus setting, professors, graduation rate etc. In short, almost everything comes before softball in evaluating where your dd should go, IMO. Your mileage may vary.

You are correct, a verbal means almost nothing. If they promise you anything in a verbal, I can almost guarantee, they have promised the same thing to 5 other girls. Some coaches are straight up, forthright and mean what they say, however many don't. Buyer beware. I would also add that there is no such thing as a four/five year ride. It is year to year in regards to athletic money. Kids who were offered the moon and stars one year,can easily find themselves "out of job" the next.

When it comes to college "exposure" tournaments, there are many out there that most college coaches have never heard of. Many of the "exposure" tournaments are to expose your wallet to the tournament director. Also, you need to match your daughters ability to the tournament. As an example, if your daughter is A top 25 school player, then the Boulder tournament is the one you need to be in. If she isn't, then not so much. I'm not saying this is a 100% hard and fast rule, mearly, in general.

Probably, the best out there in college recruiting is Aradi. I would HIGHLY recommend her book.

Best of luck to you and your DD
May 7, 2008
That is very good Cannonball. You are doing the right thing, by giving your DD several options. Keep us updated on your search for a college.

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