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Amy in AZ.
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  • Hi Amy. Just saw one of your post and would like to have a conversation on I/r. My daughter is learning the drop. Just have some questions.
    Tks. Richard 361-960-4140
    Hey Amy it looks like your mailbox is full. Anyway Chelsea swings a CF4 and a CF4 Insane. I love Anderson bats and her little sister Amber swings an RT and a Techzilla.
    Thanks again for your help!!
    Amy, I saw a post under the 1B drills thread where you said you had an email regarding potential drills. Could I ask for a copy of that email? Thanks, apprecite it!

    Hi Amy-

    I would love to discuss the BASEBALLANCE with you futher if you have an interest in doing so. It could potentially help with your lessons. Yes, Mike Candrea is infact using it at UofA and so is Jessica Mendoza and her hitting instructor with the USSSA Pride.

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