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Hitting Lessons

Feb 12, 2014
Just want to throw this in - there will come a point where your DD, if she's like mine, will probably take instruction better from someone else rather than you.

I work with DD 2-3 times per week, but we still see her instructor weekly. DD has a great instructor and we work collaboratively on her swing - all 3 of us. There are times when I see something and just text it to her instructor and she mentions it at the next lesson.

DD has been with this instructor for 5+ years. She is part of our family now. It has saved many a heated discussion between DD and myself.

Now, I would not be a fan if her travel coach mandated we see someone else. That just wouldn't fly with us based on the relationship we have with her current instructor.
May 9, 2019
I know girls who can totally smash, and have taken no hitting lessons from a "professional."
And I know girls who have taken lessons from a professional and haven't done well. Like you said results are usually mixed.

It all comes down to what you do at home, not at the lessons.
You go to a lesson to learn, but you practice what you learn at home. Unless you are practicing the teachings you gained from a lesson, it's really pointless.

From what you said, it looks like your DD is doing fine with your instruction and no lessons so I'd just tell your coach that unless your DD is showing lack of progression, you should be allowed to skip the lessons.
Dec 10, 2015
Chautauqua County
agree with what RD said above. we joined a much better TB organization and team. the HC's forte is hitting. what I found, after making sure to keep my mouth shut and eyes and ears open, was that our core hitting beliefs aligned very closely. the paths weren't the same but they led to the same destination. and once we both understrood that, talking about hitting became an easy thing.
hopefully your HC will listen to you and you to him and find common ground. if not, then your DD's hitting will have to speak for itself and, if he doesn't listen to that, it may come time to move on. I have read about telling DDs to nod and agree and then ignore. I'm just not a fan of that approach.
Sep 17, 2009
You need to participate if it's a team thing. I agree with most here that it's most likely going to be some basic instruction and a bunch of stations. Girls that can do well at those stations have a 'good swing' and those that don't will need to 'be fixed' :)

You have to know your daughter, especially since she's so young. Can she nod her head and listen as some have recommended and not get screwed up? Even better, can she talk to you afterward and share what she was told in the session and how it differs from what you are working on and why what she was told is 'wrong'? If both of those are true, then this could be a good thing -- I think talking about hitting is generally not a bad thing.

If she can do those things, great. If she can't, teach her to do them because this is going to be far from the last time a well-meaning coach (travel or high school) or instructor is going to tell her to do something that you might not agree with. It's a critical skill to learn how to deal with that fact. Might as well start her young!

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