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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Softball Book - A Review


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Softball - Review

Review of the Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Softball

Yes, I did a review on this book because many people have asked me what I think.

As I say in the video review, It is a good book on the fundamentals of weight training but it's not so good for the softball or sports conditioning part of it.

It lays down very well how to do traditional weight training but it doesn't have any power, speed, or agility exercises and doesn't include any form of stability work which is super important for athletes.

It is more a generic fitness book. No question it might help a bit but it is far from being optimum in terms of softball-specific conditioning or even just generic sports conditioning.

As far a what you could go, you can check the resources I have on my site at:

Softball Performance Products - Powerful Resources to Easily and Quickly Boost Your Game

or there are a lot of programs out there from baseball strength coaches that are also very good stuff.



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