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BP this weekend..

May 7, 2015
I posted in the technical forum regarding good drills to work on for inside pitches.. Anyway, went to the cages with DD because her sunday friendlies got canceled, which is weird considering we're in SoCal.

Anyway, DD forgot to put her gear in my truck... Grrrr. I wasn't about to drive back home so she used what we could which was one of my two wood BBCOR baseball bats, a 32-3... She's a 2nd yr 12u but has size and is strong 5'6" probably 140 or so. Her normal bat is a CFZen at 33-10

Getting to the point, does anyone work drills with heavier bats? I was really surprised at how easily she swung it. There seemed to be no hitch or lag in her swing. Just wondering if it was a mistake to use the heavy lumber or if it should be worked in as a fun distraction from the norm. It was hilarious how she described the bat as "dead" until you miss hit then it stung bad...
Aug 20, 2017
When working with a heavier bat you want to make sure they feel the “swoosh” behind the ball. Lot of times heavier bat will cause the feeling of the swoosh to occur at the ball or in front of the ball which indicates a push swing

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