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Bat Path

Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
Bonds just seems to sink into the ground to me... and then we a similar movement. IDK, could be wrong. Can somebody explain Bonds back leg vs what's being demoed? Why doesn't it look like Bonds back foot is dragged through?

FTR, I am a firm believer in what's being demoed..
I spoke of this before. I think the resistance shows up in different ways for different guys. My kid doesn’t really have a peel either. More like Bonds or Rendon. Not saying she’s them 😆

Take a look at Lindor. His back foot turns but gets pulled back ‘early’ by gravity? I don’t think so. It’s too early on the through swing for that. Too me that’s the anchor enhancing the cross contraction and the launch of the bat into the ball. There are some who peel and scissor some who step across, some whose foot gets pulled straight back down.


Look at the Bonds swing with the cross contractions in mind and it should make sense as to why his back foot is acting in the manner it is.


I think the checkpoint for the lower half working correctly is found in the spacing that is maintained. It’s really shouldn’t shorten or lengthen much. Because it’s stabilizing,
maintaining its base.
Apr 11, 2015
Obliques contracting against the hips extending.
It's posts like these that I can agree with you on seven days a week, and will just have to leave it at that. As soon as we start into what actually does or leads what...is where the train comes off the tracks. So that said...

Good post. (y)


Mar 11, 2010
Yep.. look how what happens lower body after. Hips extend, legs are involved as well.. but the dominating movement is not a rear leg push!
Absolutely !!! As well as some rotation occurring as an effect.
Feb 25, 2020
So now that I hope we're at the same understanding of what (at least I believe) we were both thinking separately but together, I'd like your opinion on what you'd call the hip "thrust", I call it that added "umph" that we see on so many hitters. You mentioned Barry last night, and here's a clip that I hope you can see it....

...in the one on the right. Where he gets out there with his leg extension(s), but then after he pauses to wait on the OS, you can see him "umph" or "thrust" his hip forward w/o gaining ground with his body. IWO's he didn't add additional leg extension, but he did push/thrust his hip forward somehow...how would you technically describe that final thrust/"umph" movement?

Jr. is another example...

....gets out to the end of his leg extension(s), pauses, and then a "thrust" or "umph" to extend the rear hip up and ever so slightly forward, but w/o adding additional leg extension or forward body movement. How do you describe that movement of the hip, when the leg does not extend any further while it's happening?

I've been writing initials for it, but now I'm starting to believe they have a different meaning for same than they have for me. Curious as to your thoughts on that move(ment).
I would say that that IS hip extension. The umph is hip extension. The femurs(not necessarily the whole leg!) and pelvis are being made into a line really fast. The really noteworthy thing is that the torso is attached to the pelvis as its being snapped around by the glutes/hamstrings. So it acts like a lever. It gets swung/catapulted as the hips move into extension. Because of this I think it may be better not to view hip extension as "legs". It's a little bit different than that imo.

In regards to the "legs extend then oomph", yep just like anything else its beneficial to stretch the muscle for greater contractility. The hamstring is stretched by having more hip flexion or by straightening the knee(or some combo of both) this loads them up. Think about the classic hamstring stretch, straight leg, flexed hip.

The pesky weightlifter does this during his lift(the clean). He straightens his knees and keeps his but back(hip flexion) to load his hammies. Then the umph happens when the bar gets pretty high up his thigh, a few inches from his pubic bone. His pelvis comes forward, torso ends up going back/up. The umph is hip extension.

You can see the torso "pulse" rearward in the griffey gif a little bit I think.

Anyways, thats what I think.
Jul 29, 2013
No takers on the seated swing challenge?
Someone please show me the obliques driving the swing.
May 12, 2016
No takers on the seated swing challenge?
Someone please show me the obliques driving the swing.
How can a hitter leverage the legs by sitting in a chair? Nobody in this thread is saying the legs don't play a role. So your challenge makes no sense
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