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What are some good leg Workouts?

Nov 11, 2008
Richboro, PA

My name is Alex and my softball season has finally started last Saturday! I am really happy softball is back and everything but I found the first open gym very difficult and challenging.

We do these things called 18's. When we run back and forth across a gym 18 times and do various excersises like sprints, high knees, back peddles, etc.

By the time I was on the last 18 I could feel that my legs had nothing left and I felt like I was going to throw up.

It's really important to me that I stand out during these open gyms and to do that I need to be able to at least do these 18 without needing to collapse. I know that doing more intense running excersize will help me out but since it's getting darker early I can't find the time to run outside. So my question is what kind of workouts can I do inside that will help my preformance?

Thanks a lot!


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
This is a weird looking leg muscular endurance exercise known has Hindu Squats. Do those everyday and you will be able to stand out everything else ! Trust me...

YouTube - Full Hindu Squat - visit www.power-fitness.info

BTW, great exercise for catchers.


P.S. Most personal trainers will tell you - YOU SHOULDN't do squats that way. It is against what conventional trainers explains but more underground strength coaches use that very effectively.
Nov 3, 2008

The sumo squat with a dumbbell is a good exercise you can incorporate in your off season training regime. This exercise will build strength in the quads, hips and inner thighs. I would perform the exercise once a week for 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. Start off with a light dumbbell and concentrate on the form.
Here’s a brief description of the exercise.

1 Stand with your feet roughly twice shoulder-width apart and point your toes outward. With that stance, pick up a dumbbell and hold one end at arm's length with both hands firmly gripping to the inner portion of the upper weight. Keep your arms locked through out the movement.

2 Pull your shoulder blades back and lift your torso upward. Bend your knees and slowly lower until the top portion of your thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep your torso perpendicular to the ground.

3 Pause, and slowly return to the starting position while making sure that your knees are pointing in the same direction as your toes throughout the movement.



May 7, 2008
How about bad leg exercises

OK, so we have covered good leg exercises.

How about bad leg exercises?? (Got a bad knee)

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
Aug 2, 2008
I am no expert but to me bad exercises are ones that have no functional application for athletic movement, they may not cause injury by themselves but won't aid in injury prevention while in a game or practice. Examples might be, leg curls, calf raises, or any exercise targeting a specific muscle group, it might build bulk and look impressive but thats about all. Air squats, push-ups, and sit-ups are great for young athletes.

Oct 14, 2009

A great one would be scissor legs lay on your back and put your legs in the air and act like they r scissors. every once in a while hold your legs up in the air. it works great with out ankle weights and with.

Web developer
Apr 20, 2009
reading your experience I don't think it's only your legs that need working out. You lost steam that's why you felt wobbly and wanting to throwing up. Doing your drill after a long rest will definitely make you that way. What did you eat before working out or did you eat at all before working out. building your cardiovascular system and training anaerobically will help you address your problem and eating the right meal as well.

Doing interval training at home or in school will help. Choose among the cardio machines that are available (treadmill,stationary bike, or elliptical machine)
Start with 5mins of regular speed for warm-up then increase speed(50-60% of maximum) and run for 1min. then reduce speed(30% of maximum) then jog for 3mins. Then do run-jog cycle for 3-5 sets...then finish off with a 5mins cool down.

Softball Conditioning - Quick Workouts Do Work!
Oct 25, 2009
Burpees; lots of burpees, full burpees!

High speed jump rope.

Bodyweight lunges.

Did I mention burpees! If there was only one conditioning exercise you could do, this would be it.

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