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mechanics break down at game time

Feb 5, 2009
Ok....concerning my DD at 14u. I can`t figure out what to do with her game time mechanics.

When we work off the tee, do side toss, front toss, her mechanics are great. Put her in front of a pitcher, she completely breaks down. She is lunging and is not staying back on the pitches. Left leg does not lock....

How can a kid look so good off a tee, and completely break down during live pitching?

We did hitting lessons all winter, and I thought we were dialed in for the season, but apparently not.

Anything I can do?

Amy in AZ.

Super Moderator
May 7, 2008
Are you putting pressure on her? Are you discussing every at bat with her? Maybe you need to step back and give her a chance to work through it.

Do you notice how many times you use the word "we", when talking about her game?

There are times when a parent needs to miss a game, now and then, and see if DD improves.

I recently started playing again. It has been a real eye opener to me.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Mechanics at bat

My 12U DD is doing the same thing.

Several batting coaches say there is some tweaking needed, but nothing very serious.

Tough to work through it as her coach just has someone hit for her so she has no time at the plate to get through the head games she is playing on herself!
May 12, 2008
She didn't step up to the tee and do it perfect the first time did she? Well a few do but that's another story. Point is, knowing something in a dry swing is not the same as knowing it on the tee is not the same as knowing it in soft toss is not the same as knowing it in front toss is not the same as knowing it in bp is not the same as knowing it in games. Not for most kids anyway. Under stress we all tend to revert to our primary motor program/training. This is why it's so critical for pilots to get good primary training since, under stress, that is what they will revert to. Once a kid has it down pat on the tee then it's time to learn it at the next level always being ready to go back to the last known level of competency if needed. Work your way up the stress ladder a rung at a time. Here's a link to an article thay may help. WebBall.com - Challenge Essay #3

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