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Feb 25, 2020
My mind is 🤯
DD (10 years old) has a pretty solid foundation of “Hello Elbow”. My oldest DD who will get the opportunity to play D2 was taught this way via PC (that we love). She may not pitch at that level but she’s pretty blessed physically & a hard worker.... So our PC is retired now and I learned a lot from him due to catching for my oldest. Youngest has now been learning pitching per request for about for 6 months. After more begging I’ve finally given her the ok and she’s pitched in about 7-10 games late this summer season. She’s had success so this I/R approach to pitching is going to be tough to sell to her. Would y’all recommend implementing this technique gradually as a “new pitch” in practices until she’s ready to go in games? All she knows now is 4-seam fastball. I have been very conservative about starting her in games too soon and with new pitches (such as the change up & drop) until I believe she has mastered fundamentals and location. This is very much a concern. We’ve just now started to work on inside-outside of the plate.
Questioning Everything Now

Have you watched her on video? She may be already IR'ing it a little bit on accident/naturally(best case!). If she is, that video might be helpful for convincing her to try to do what she is already is doing sort of.

A few good 10u pitchers I've seen get taught one thing but on film/photos, low and behold they are getting IR.

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