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forearm pain

Jun 20, 2008
My youngest has been complaining of some forearm pain that runs along where the bone and muscle meet from the wrist to the elbow...sometimes from the way she explains it feels like a bruise, and sometimes pain while pitching or overhand throwing...does anyone have any idea if this is just overuse or could it be from something being wrong with her motion or form?

Thanks in advance for any replies or info...

btw she warms up and cools down well and ices regligiously...
May 9, 2008


My dd has had forearm muscle pain in her pitching arm for about the last month or so. Resulting in lower velocity and diminished performance. I thought it was due to her swinging her bat too much as she had just been to a hitting camp and had taken to it like a duck to water practicing her swing morning, noon, and night. I spoke with her pitching coach and he didn't seem overly concerned because the pain didn't involve her elbow or her wrist. She described it as a tingling sensation that was aggravated by arm movement.

My wife took her to a Chiropractor this morning for another issue involving a previous back injury and just by chance mentioned the arm pain. He examined her and said that because of the repetitive motion of pitching neck and shoulder problems are common in pitchers. He made an adjustment of her neck and upper back and it did the trick. She pitched pain free at her lesson this afternoon and threw with the highest velocity and accuracy that I've seen in a few months.:D

I don't know if it will work for your daughter but it worked for mine.

Good Luck,



Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
I certainly don't want to be alarmist but I really want to emphasize that you need to be careful and not wait too long to seek medical attention.

I have seen TOO MANY cases of young pitchers who develop forearm pain and eventually disappear from the face of the earth because of nagging injuries that just gets worse.

What happens often is the following - bones grow faster than muscles. So, for a while, kids have weaker tendon and ligaments that are being stretched out because the bones grow faster and it takes a while for the rest of the musculature to follow. So they are weaker. If you put too much stressed is placed on these weaker structures, they tend to get overused and that is often where the pain is coming from and that all the "..itis" -type things starts... (bursitis, tendonitis) which basically an inflammation.

Because of the repetitive nature of the pitching delivery motion and the various releases for the moving pitches, it does place A LOT of stress on these structures.

So.. these things are nasty as they don't go away easily. Please don't take it lightly and if it is recurrent and has been there for more than 3 weeks, definitely seek medical attention and don't wait!!!

Again, there are thousands of cases of pitchers that just quit the game because they can't pitch anymore due to pain.

Medical attentions means.. specialized people like "sports" physical therapist, sports doctor, etc..

Bottom line - don't wait and take it seriously. It might not be that serious but it could become serious and it is better to be safe than sorry especially considering the long-term implications of such injuries.


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