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Driving Home Traditions

Oct 4, 2018
My DD and I always stop at a Quick Trip (gas station, for those in areas that don't have them) and get a pizza for the drive home. Sometimes we eat it all, sometimes just a slice or two. But it's our thing. Sometimes we talk softball, sometimes she sleeps, sometimes we just listen to music.

She's 10. At this rate I'm pretty sure we'll serve Quick Trip pizza at her wedding.

Y'all have any traditions?
Dec 6, 2019
Not a "tradition" but a rule for us--we don't talk about softball in the car, whether it's a 15 minute drive home, or a 12 hour drive.
Jan 5, 2018
Post season Allstars we stopped before every game and I had a 16oz coke in a can, and everyone in my vehicle got a Reeses peanut butter cup. Sometimes it was just DD sometimes a couple other teammates got a pregame treat.

Ride homes varied....but recently DD is having a Peach Arizona Tea for the ride home.
Oct 4, 2018
Not a "tradition" but a rule for us--we don't talk about softball in the car, whether it's a 15 minute drive home, or a 12 hour drive.
I try very hard to keep my comments to simply positive comments about her teammates, the games, or her plays. And just sharing how proud I am of her and how much I enjoy being with her watching her play.

At times she wants to discuss more, which of course I'm fine with. But I can see how not discussing it might work best in many scenarios.
Sep 29, 2014
After practice, as coach I was always early and stayed late so it was harder on her always helping with field prep and everything so we would usually go to the big church parking lot that was empty and I would let her steer the car around on my lap and drive around once she hit 12/13 and could reach the pedals I actaully let her drive....probably not the smartest thing, and my wife never appreciated it, but we had a blast even though don't think we ever got over 10-15 mph
Dec 2, 2013
Usually a couple of Judo chops to the throat when she starts falling asleep. Unfortunately, her rides home now are on the team charter bus. We get 5 minutes with her and a quick hug and away she goes. Enjoy it while you can....if you actually enjoy it!
Aug 2, 2019
Sometimes we stop for ice cream. Not every time, but if she wins.

Ice cream is for winners.

So really, it's up to her if we stop for ice cream.

#motivate #beawinner

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