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Strong drive vs quick drive Cue

Oct 4, 2018
Get there fast! Its not how high but how fast you drive. The arms will match the speed of legs, so speed up the legs to speed up the arms
That's our instruction as well.

When we have a day to work on improving speed, two of the drills are:

1. Focus on really, really fast arm circle (as legs will have to catch up)
2. Focus on really, really fast leg drive (as arms will have to catch up)

Now I think we can all agree (perhaps) that a strong leg drive and a quick leg drive are correlated to some degree. Hard to go fast without going strong. But yes, there is a difference.
May 21, 2018
Was it that guy from Chicago? I loved that video. I actually watched it twice. I appreciated how he incorporated physics in his explaination.
Yes. His name escapes me right now. There are a few local girls (St. Louis) that make the drive up to see him with good results.