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2009 Fastpitch softball bat reviews..

Jan 14, 2009
I was curious what everyone thought of the different Fastpitch bats out there? It is always hard to get accurate input on different bats.
If you have any info on the fastpitch bats out there, I would and I am sure everyone else out there would love a heads up before they spend 300+ on a new bat for themselves or their children.
Give details. Pop, durability, sweet spot, feel, balance etc....
Aug 4, 2008
Michelle Smith Rip Its, Mizuno Freenzy, Louisville Slugger Triton, Demarini. We have been testing bats,since the bat manufactuers reps send us new product to test. Triton we had back in Oct. The users ( Kids) like the CF3 on the end loaded side the best. Only thing that even came close to the 05 Rocket Tech. Rip it on cold weather bats. You can use it down to 50 degrees. Balanced Rip it. The new handled loaded Triton is different and some kids like it, but I didn't like the pop. Since they are all new hard to talk about durability yet. Hope that helps.
Jan 14, 2009
Thank you for your reply.
Personal Exp from coaching and my daughters EXP. I like the Phenix 2008 or 2007 model - 10. I tried it out myself and it does have some great pop with a big sweet spot. Durability not to sure on.
Then the Easton Stealth I also tried. The 2007 model - 10, not the new ones but the purple one. It had good pop and a big sweet spot, not to mention it was durable.
Daughter just got the Triton, she likes it so far. It has good balance and decent pop being brand new.
Jul 21, 2008
Who has used the 09 model composite bats, the manufactors had to change the performance so that they would not exceed the 98 mph exit rule. I am curious to see how they perform compaired to the 08 and later models composites.

Jan 16, 2009
I'm considering the Mizuno Frenzy for my 14yr old travel player. Ive heard some really good things about it. Anybody know how it feels? (soft, stiff, harsh ect..)
08 stealth (purple one) I thought had tons of pop. My DD went from long pop outs(07 catalyst) to the track that now go over the fence....however we did go throught 2 bats. cracking issues right above the hinge. Easton response was outstanding. After returning the second one I spoke to thier customer support mgr who admitted they had a large number returned. Instead of sending me another 08 he opted to send me the 09 stealth clarity (now green), which my DD loves more than the 08. So far durability is not an issue. Same pop and has 98mph performance rating

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