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  • Thanks, If you could please explain further.I know I need her bat up and knob pointed at catcher.Front shoulder on the coil needs to be down and in on coil.Do I have this correct ? Also What earlier swings I posted so many? I am going to start from the bottom on up.Set up is first.Bend at waist soften...you know and go from there does that sound like a good plan.
    My is Rich
    My e-mail address is rdbass4fun@verizon.net cell is #484-832-3481
    Thanks for your help.
    Hello coach,

    This is the squirrel as Howard would call me. I am flattered to read your post after 17 months you wrote it. The user name Zhouyi was not me, since my Chinese name is Zhou Yu. I would have no idea who that might be.

    I also respect Howard highly. I am now in Windsor, Ontario, Canada pursuing my second master in sport management. But I am also willing to spread the hitting knowledge I learnt from Howard. I hope I will be able to meet you some day when I visit Howard.

    On a post regarding front foot/heel placement on toe touch, you wrote, "If you PM me I will let you know how the lead foot and heel should be and the drill Howard , Bustos uses to teach correct front foot placement. It will add more power to her swing and engage the hips."

    Could you PM me with this? Thanks!

    Mike Harper
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