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Recent content by Hollyrockartist

  1. Hollyrockartist

    Coach issues

    RUN - in the other direction!! Why would those parents put you in the middle simply because you may know someone better than them? Their little darlings are the ones who apparently have issues. If you didn't witness the jersey grabbing (or even if you did and it wasn't your DD), it's SOO not...
  2. Hollyrockartist

    Any tips for surviving junior high school ball?

    We don't have a "junior high" team - all Varsity softball. Play FP in the fall here. Our varsity team now consists of 2 6th graders, 3 7th graders, 1 8th grader, 3 freshmen, 2 sophomores and 1 senior. Imagine that on a playing field! During summer workouts (3 hrs in the heat of the day), several...
  3. Hollyrockartist

    Favorite Softball Picture of DD thread

    My three favorite pictures from this season thus far. Little teeny tiny thing standing chatting with DD is precious! Varsity team - she's younger and plays our B games...
  4. Hollyrockartist

    angry looks from pitcher. intimidation tactic?

    We have a pitcher that shows no emotion - PERIOD. She doesn't smile, stare, scowl or anything. Walks one, nothing. Hits one, nothing. Has been taught this - doesn't let anything get to her. There are some pitchers my DD has played against who grunt - I mean a Stefie Graf grunt - from the mound...
  5. Hollyrockartist

    Coach favoring his daughter and "fixing" the books too!

    HS coach's DD plays. He stays on her more than any of the others. He also doles out the chewings equally, no matter who the child belongs to or if she is another coach's daughter. What we went through, however, was true blue daddyball. I did not use it unfairly, as I was not the only witness to...
  6. Hollyrockartist

    Coach favoring his daughter and "fixing" the books too!

    This should have been our first clue to how this team worked...needed an extra pitcher for a tournament. I knew of one, so called her parents to see if she could guest pitch. Certainly. Pulls his DD after the walks had mounted. Guest pitcher goes to mound - his DD, no joke, THROWS her glove to...
  7. Hollyrockartist

    The temperature in Tucson.

    We're staying in the 90s here. Had a fabulous thunderstorm blow through last night and this morning. All it did was make the mosquitoes grow another inch or so and raise that humidity! School ball practiced last week from 3-6. DD called and said she felt like she was going to pass smooth out. By...
  8. Hollyrockartist

    Catcher chatting up batters

    Very common here...I keep the books and always tell our catcher to "chat 'em up back there". For those who have the attention span of a gnat, it works really well! Funny how just the most common of questions can make someone lose their focus. I have always told DD to concentrate on the pitch -...
  9. Hollyrockartist

    To create a lefty?

    My DD is a natural lefty. Never even thought about coaxing her into anything else. Gloves are a little harder to find, but run the same amount as RH ones. I would imagine whichever she feels more comfortable doing, let her do it. Fun thing about having a South Paw....when playing games, other...
  10. Hollyrockartist


    Butter braids were a FABULOUS fundraiser for us....large profit margin! We also sold flip flops. T-shirts are always a great seller if you make sure they are either sex oriented. Our school is fixing to crank out shirt sales, but they are geared towards girls. Last year, they had a company...
  11. Hollyrockartist

    Pick up Player Politics

    Very same thing happened with DD in a tournament hosted by the organization for which she played. It was the last tournament of the season. As parents, we worked our tails off doing concession duty and front gate. Coach brought 2 guest players that weekend. DD and one other "regular" team member...
  12. Hollyrockartist

    Softball Drama

    We were fortunate enough to end the season without two players. At the last game, we all looked around (parents) and said we felt like the season just started - couldn't believe it was over already! The tension was GONE and it was fabulous! I just hate it for the girls that 3/4 of their season...
  13. Hollyrockartist

    General decorum on this board

    I'll call myself out on this one and COMPLETELY retract my post and PUBLICLY apologize to those whom it offended. Happy posting....
  14. Hollyrockartist

    Softball Drama

    There were two girls on our HS team - one has played 3 seasons, the other 2. Parents CONSTANTLY called the coach cussing for some reason or another. Nothing was done. This went on for 3 long, miserable seasons - imagine how the other girls on the team felt! They would see those two girls perform...
  15. Hollyrockartist

    Just how good are you coach?

    Our HS coach just retired from coaching the girls. My DD sat down the night she told them and wrote her a 3 page, heart felt letter. She outlined every single detail, going back 3 years, of what she learned from her, how she has grown as a player/person, etc., without me spurring her to do so. I...