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Why does it sting everytime

Jun 25, 2008
My 13dd seems to sting her hands more times than not while hitting. Doesnt matter what bat she uses (Stealth 08, stealth clarity, rockettech). what could be the cause of this? She is even stinging her hands when hitting softies

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Her grip might be one reason. Is it loose in the palm of her hands or tight up in the fingers?

Most likely, though, she's not hitting it on the sweet spot. If she's early or late and hitting it with the end of the bat it will sting. If she's early or late and hitting it closer to the handle it will sting.

One way to check the sweet spot of a bat is to hold the bat in one hand, tap it end to end on the barrel with the other, and listen for the sound while feeling the vibration. The sweet spot sounds firm and a little higher pitched, and doesn't vibrate. The rest sounds more hollow and vibrates a little.

If you can show her where the sweet spot is she may be able to focus on getting it to the ball more efficiently. Just a thought.
Oct 29, 2008
In my experience, most "hand stinging" is attributable to one of two reasons:

1) The batter is slowing the bat into contact. Very common, and can be caused by any number of things (none of them conducive to successful hitting).

2) The batter pushes her hands forward towards the pitcher (one of many ways to disconnect the hands from the body / engine). Then the body rotates, and the net effect is that contact is made on the handle-side of the sweet spot. Conversely, hands left near the back shoulder (on both the X and Y axis) as the body begins to rotate will result in more consistent contact on the sweet spot. (And much better swing quickness, bat speed, and contact percentage as well).

A slow-motion swing with your hands in both positions described above (back shoulder vs. a position 7-8" forward of the shoulders / towards the pitcher) will illustrate the phenomenon. You'll see how the different portions of the bat cover the plate in the two examples.

Best regards,


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