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May 13, 2023
California High Desert
It's hotter than hell. I'm covered in dust from the the wind is blowing across the field. My shirt is soaked with sweat.

One girl I had worked extra hard with had struck out three times in the first game and now once in the second.

I'm thinking, "What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? She did great in practice, and now she's not seeing the ball at all."

The girl comes up for what would probably be her last bat of the day. I tell her the usual: "Watch the bat hit the ball, swing hard, you can do it." She swings. I hear the "thunk"--the unmistakable sound of the ball hitting the bat's sweet spot.

The ball shoots out of the infield like a rocket, over 2B's head , and into the RF alley for a double. She never before hit the ball that hard in practice or a game. The team bats around. She comes up again and hits another line drive up the middle.

After the game, the kid is on cloud 9. She and her grandparents are beaming.

Guess I'll give it another try next week.

Involved To grow Softball!
➡️Which is really to help all people who enjoy softball and want to be able to play it!

One of my favorite things on the field is being a Positive Purposeful Presence.
In this way encourage a
Positive Purposeful Dynamic on the field!

Sometimes this takes Communicating on the field,
in an encouraging way,
to help everybody recognize that we all have a learning curve. Building our skill sets takes effort. Sometimes includes frustration, with a reminder that frustration comes from a place because we care.
If we keep a positive mindset, will encourage applying ourselves, we can have the joy of success!

While it is wonderful and fun to have influenced and trained players who are participating at the highest levels. I also thoroughly enjoy the beginning of the journey! Which is teaching how to play catch and throw!
When we can achieve interacting with another person, playing catch and being able to throw,
we have the beginning of a softball player and the beginning of a team!
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