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Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
So one of the things I’ve learned in hitting, if you take something away like using the arm less, you have to replace it with something, like the shoulders. This is not the finished product but a work in progress.

Sharing so others might get some value from it with their student.

Exactly. Be careful what you takeaway. That’s when the core will get involved from an effort standpoint w how I teach it. Not the arms.

Edit: the arms and hands efforts come afterward in the form of whip.

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Mar 19, 2009
Southern California
Did you feel like she getting "too tall" eg coming out of posture on those swings and if so what was causing it in your opinion? Or are you attributing that to her using her shoulders too much?
A little more hinge and a soft front knee so she can get deeper in her legs and maybe compress the ribs a little. The front knee locks out too early, my fault
Mar 19, 2009
Southern California
Timing a pitched ball is probably the number one skill in being a successful hitter. Almost everything with the HLP way of hitting is related to timing the pitched ball. It’s not viewed or described that way as much as it should IMO. The goal of the swing puts you foot down is related to timing . Another HLP principal that is also related to timing the pitched ball is, the load is your swing.

In this video Haley is working on exactly that in mind.

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Feb 25, 2009
Attention this is just a disclaimer

While doing this drill please pay special attention to the counter rotating front shoulder that leads to over spin and the elbo 100 percent of the time CAN NOT CLEAR when there is to much counter rotation of that front shoulder, not to mention a slew of other issues, one being a 1 eyed jack view of the pitcher.

I like the feel of this drill but my oh my can Richies clan teach some real trash ( if it's in the wrong hands! )

Dumping barrels or forcing tilt is horrible.

Disclaimer #2

The barrel does go rearward first. But teaching a little kid to focus on that is a recipe for disaster. I would rather focus on EARLY turn, What clown Rich doesn't get is young athletes ( because he never was an athlete , nor has anyone in his family ever been an athlete ) are WEAK!

Young athletes will also NOT understand what focus on rearward barrel means...Its a NO TEACH if proper turn is achieved...and the whole snap it garbage is exactly that. YOU MUST TURN THE BARREL FWD AT SOME POINT. So even the term SNAP and its meaning makes zero sense. The barrel turn is a blended move! Force of pulling top hand while swivel about the forearm FORWARD...You know , like to the ball!

Forcing or teaching tilt is also a bad idea. For similar reasons stated above!
Forcing or teaching tilt is also a bad idea? Would that be pelvic tilt or lateral tilt or both? I have a feeling you might be someone who used to be on here once upon a time.