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Strange Play

Jul 24, 2013
I saw the strangest play yesterday. Runner on first base with no outs. Batter tries to sacrifice bunt and the pitch is popped up foul. The catcher dives and catches the ball near the backstop. The runner on first takes off on contact and for some reason keeps going to third base. In the meantime, the catcher tries to double-off the runner by throwing to first. She overthrows the ball and it goes down the right field line where it ends up going out of play. The runner is hustling back to first (she did touch 2nd on the way back). The right fielder picks up the ball and throws to first baseman who tags runner out sliding back to first. The umpires confer and call the runner out. They said it was a dead ball appeal and the tag worked as the appeal. Strange play! Any feedback on if it were the correct call.
Jun 22, 2008
Umpires were incorrect, the defense cannot make a dead ball appeal until after the offense has completed running the bases. Once the ball became dead on the overthrow the award is 2 bases from the last base touched at the time of the throw. The runner must still tag up or is subject to being out on appeal, but, once the ball became dead the defense cannot make an appeal until the base runner has completed their base running responsibilities.