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Running Slap

May 7, 2008
St-Lazare, Quebec
I would like to teach one of my LH hitters how to do a running slap. She has the speed and bat control to be a good candidate, she is also 15 years old. Does anyone have any suggestions where to begin. What should I start with first? What is the proper technique for foot movement. I know they should start back in the box, close to the plate so they can have room to move. Is there any video clips that offer tips?
May 7, 2008
a good place to start is with using the bunt position and doing a slapping bunt, then progress with the foot movement, when a player can put ever ball(strikes of course) in play, then I would have them begin moving the front foot toward first and doing the slap/bunt - break it down and get every subsequent movement down pat, then move on to the next - each player will be different, so I cant say which setup is proper, starting with the bunt position is a good place to start, then the batter will find out what works for them
May 8, 2008
Start with drag bunt first. Generally even with the plate, you want the back foot on the front left corner (near plate) of the batters box after one crossover step. If you start in the back of the box, you lose some of the advantage of being closer to 1st base. Batter movement starts when she sees the ball released, should be smooth crossover step to contact point off of left hip. Next step after contact should be toward pitcher, then round to 1st. Don't peel off directly to 1st, leaves the outside part of the plate open. Once successful, then move to slap. Hope this helps.
May 8, 2008
slap hitting

my daughter is 11 & bats LH. She has been going to a hitting coach for about a year now, he has taught her the basics of the slap hit. I believe that a 15 yr. old should be able to learn to slap since they are more mature. My daughter has been gaining confidence with the slap, in a recent tournament the SS played in for the slap, since that is the ideal spot to slap the ball to. She was able to pop the ball over the SS head for a hit.

A couple tips for making a young lady into a slapper.

Determine the level of softball that she desires to achieve and then determine if slapping is going to be an advantage for her.
If she desires to play high level college softball;
First and foremost check her real time to first base. Set a ball on a tee at homeplate. Have her slap the ball off the tee and run to first. Time from contact of ball to contact of base---if she isn't under 3.0 seconds it is probably a waste of time to make her into a slapper. High level college slappers are going to be 2.75 seconds or less.
If she can only slap from the left side but cannot "drive" the ball to the outfield lefthanded----it is a waste of time to turn her into a slapper. Defenses at the college level will eat her up if she can't keep them honest.
If all you want is a "cute" 12U slapper then go ahead and do it, but know you may be taking valuable time away from her learning how to hit and drive the ball.


May 7, 2008
Good advice Rick. Have missed you these last few weeks. Things starting to slow down for you now?


Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Whether it's a waste of time or not depends on her goals. While certainly some aspire to play at the highest levvels, there are others who simply aspire to play. If learning to slap helps her make a team or get on the field it's well worth the effort -- whether she ever plays in college or not.

That being said, if she DOES want to play at a D1 school, particularly one of the top ones, what was said before is correct. If she is more a D3 type of kid, the 2.75 speed would be nice but is not as essential as being around 3.0 and able to slap, bunt, and hit line drives.
May 8, 2008
Slap Keys

Hey all,

I'm kinda new on this forum but this has worked well for me once I have found a kid with good eye to hand coord. that can bat lefty. That is essential!
1. The head has to stay VERY steady all the way to impact.
2. A trigger- you need to find something the player can use as a trigger for timing a pitcher, such as a preload to the back foot to start the movement forward. There are many philosophies on the slap out there as far as the first step, but I think a crossover is best to get out of the way on the first step (Left over right obviously for the lefty). They should be somewhere near the inside back corner of the box to start a cut across to the opposite corner.

May 7, 2008
St-Lazare, Quebec
Thank you all for your thoughts. I will certainly start by timing her from home to 1st. She will not be a D1 player as this is not her motivation, however she will face Tier 1 teams occasionally. She does have good power to be able to keep the D honest.


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