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Problem with release

Jul 7, 2008
My dd is 13 and she's a pitcher on a 14U travel team and up until now she seem to have pretty good accuracy and speed. I was told she seems to be having a problem with standing straight when she releases the ball (the pitch reaches too far inside our outside). What can she do to correct this?:confused: Also, can anyone suggest indoor/in home ptiching drills?


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Would you happen to have a video of her you could post?

People would come up to my DD and give her advice all the time, and most of it was garbage. So, it would be very helpful to see what she looks like.


Amy in AZ.

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May 7, 2008
she seems to be having a problem with standing straight when she releases the ball
I have re-read that. Do you mean she is bending at release? Because, I want my pitchers to stay tall.
Apr 20, 2009
If your daughter is pitching too inside or outside, it Looks like she has a tendency of leaning to one direction instead of having proper posture of staying upright throughout the pitch. It is important to remember that where the head goes, the body follows. If the head tends to lean off to the side, the body will surely follow which leads to having her pitches on either sides of the zone.

Here is a drill from the Softball Pitching Edge book of Cheri Kempf which may be helpful.

Ask your daughter to position herself on both knees at a 45-degree angle towards the target or as we know, homeplate. In this position, let her pitch normally. If she doesn't stabilize or if she still bends to any direction she will fall towards that direction. As she continues to catch herself with her hands, the correction will sink in. This will lead her to remember to be upright.


Abby's Dad
Jan 23, 2009
Collegeville, PA
If you have a mirror available have her do some air-throughs infront of it. Also you can videotape her and review. Both have helped my daughter (also 13) improve her mechanics.


Jan 24, 2009
Good suggestions above.
If the ball is moving inside or outside that is not necessarily a posture problem.
The posture problem you describe would cause the ball to go high.
The inside or outside problem can be from plant foot placement accuracy or it can be from hand position and movement at release.
My suggestion is to leave the posture alone for now (that is another drill) and make sure she is releasing/snapping the ball the same way every time for the pitch she is trying to throw. In order to help her feel the hand position at release, have her close her eyes and make the pitch. This will take some getting used to. But it will help her feel what her hand is doing much better.
Also, make sure her plant foot is landing in the same spot every time.

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