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pitching form

Mar 31, 2009
Wondering if you guys can help me out and take a look at the form of my pitcher. It doesn't look right but not sure what exactly she is doing from her start to have it look like this. I'm working on getting a video of her but this is all I have right now. Thanks
Aug 2, 2008
In the first picture she is leaping, her pivot foot/toe should be dragging. Other than that she looks good, explosive off of the mound, form looks good, all four limbs appear to be in the right position. From the pictures she looks to be very aggressive. Its hard to tell with stills, the more seasoned guys might offer some better insight.



May 7, 2008
Need a video but I can tell you she is a stepper that is trying to get EXTREMELY elongated.

The video will tell more but I am guessing her timing is off a little also. I think her arm circle is going to be a little ahead of the moment of landing foot touchdown.

Not much more you can tell from these pix.

May 13, 2008
If I had to guess what was happening based on what I see in the pictures I'd say that she is finishing a bit "nose over toes" at the end of the pitch. What I see is her upper body leaning forward a bit; when her plant foot hits the ground she is going to have a problem keeping that momentum in her upper body back behind her front foot.