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  • That is correct, Jay. The green 'X' is really nothing more than a frame of reference for the hitter. Even the placement of the tee does not have to be precisely on the line as each hitter may find that they can let an inside pitch get a little deeper than others.

    Once we get the mechanics down we primarily work the extremes of the strike zone. How far inside can you hit it? How far outside? How low? How high? Sometimes we'll put the tee on a bucket to work on hitting a rise ball. We'll use an empty sport drink bottle, remove the cap and use it as a tee for low pitches.
    Quick question for you. I want to put together an area where my kids can take a lot of swings using HC's methodology. I saw your bath mat swing right knock-off here: Swing Rite Replacement - OFC - Ohio Fastpitch Connection

    With regards to the green 'X' drawn on the mat and the practice sequence Howard describes in the thread, I assume that the hitter only uses one of the 'X' slants (L to R or R to L) depending on if they are a LHB or RHB, correect. This way they are letting the outside pitch get deeper.

    So...having both lines to form the X would be useful only for switch hitters or for multiple kids, assuming some bat L and others R, to use. Otherwise, a non-switcher only uses one of those green slants right?

    Am I understanding that green X correctly?
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