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National travel softball all star tour dec. 26 - orlando, fl

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Stars & Stripes Softball


Dec. 26 to Jan. 1 in beautiful Orlando, FL, we are hosting a National Travel Ball All Star Tournament.

We are looking for the best Travel Ball Players in the country to compete in a one week, 5 game guarantee, tournament.

COACHES – We are looking for coaches to put together a team and join us. You get paid $500 and a free hotel stay during the tournament. If all of your current players can’t commit, you can draft players from other travels teams to represent your state and compete. The players would need to be A ball players.

PLAYERS – We are looking for the top Travel Ball Players out there. You can join as an individual and play on a National Team with other girls from across the country or you can play with your travel team. Players would need to be evaluated to have the opportunity to get an invitation to play.

This will not take away or compete with your current travel team. We want to see the best Travel Ball Players compete on the field, for one week.

We will have some excellent speakers, numerous vendors and most importantly, a lot of really good fastpitch players ready to compete.

If any of this sounds like you would be interested, please contact us today for more info.

Thank you,

Stars & Stripes Softball
John Harris – Director
C: 321.231.2111
E: jharris@starsandstripessoftball.com
W: S&S Sports | National All Star Team