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Louisville bat blowout

Dec 5, 2012
Mid West
The 2018 purple xeno -10 is HOTTTTT!
DD has hit 4 dingers already with it. Just unwrapped it a month ago

Looks like DiMarini is doing a one day 50% off sale today too...
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Apr 16, 2013
Now, if we could just buy something. Been trying for over an hour to buy/checkout a wood bat, but I'll be damned if I actually can. :rolleyes:
May 6, 2015
think we are going to pull trigger for DD2 (2007, a little below average height for age), currently swings a 30/20 Xeno (not certain of year, we got it used, but at least two years old). Does pretty well with it, wants a Ghost, but we have told not until they make a dual stamp model.

any reccomendations on LXT 31/20, LXT 31/21, or a CFX in same sizes? moving to 31, as 30 inch she currently swings seems a little short for her. if she outgrows it quickly, we have a 33/22 easton hyperlight that DD1 barely used that she can swing until bank account can afford another bat.
Jul 14, 2018
DD has been swinging a 32/22 Ghost for the fall season, but has struggled a bit with the end-loaded bat after using a 30/20 LXT during the previous spring & summer. At such a great price, I ordered the -10 Xeno on coach james and #10's recommendation. We'll see how she does with a more balanced bat. I do love the sound of the Ghost...

Thanks #10 for posting this! Love DFP!
May 6, 2015
Pulled trigger on 31/21 LXT, Demarinis in this size were sold out, so made choosing easier. picked LXt over PXT because reviews seemed to indicate hotter out of the wrapper. at her age (2007), not as much concerned with longevity as hotness out of wrapper. also, cannot begin breaking in until 2019 (will be under the tree, since fall is almost over, two more tournaments).
Jul 20, 2013
I ended up going with the PXT -10 32/22. Even though the reviews are a bit mixed on the PXT I always wanted to have dd try it out. Plus I figure it's end of year so if she really doesn't like the PXT then I should be able to pick up an LXT or Xeno at a 2018 close out price somewhere. We have time to break it in, as she's moving up from a 31/21 Demarini that's already hot. Seems like 1/3 of our team bought bats at yesterday's sale.

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