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Big Tourneys Still Moving Forward

Dec 2, 2013
I was on a Texas wide conference call last night that had most of the TB program directors on and TCS reps. Sparkler/Fireworks and TCS Nats are still a go according to the TCS reps (reevaluate May 1st). IDT is still on as well. If you want to pull out of the TCS tourneys they will apply a "transfer fee" to transfer your entry to another tourney. Really?!?! IDT said they will refund the entire $2000 entry fee if you choose to withdraw. The biggest issue I believe is gonna be with the Stay to Play hotels refunding deposits. I think many of the coaches in Texas are very leery of scheduling any travel for this summer, and are trying to make the best of what this situation enables us to do. As mentioned in other threads the college coaches budgets have been slashed, and will not be able to travel to these tourneys anyway with most only able to drive regionally even if that.

One of the complaints many of the Texas teams(same applies to CA teams) is that they end up playing the same teams that they play every weekend at these major events. Might as well stay home. It was refreshing to see all the TB coaches appearing to want to work together to make some events happen that will enable players to compete, to develop and to get exposure. Even trying to pull together some type of league play that will end in a College World Series format with 8 teams competing over a period of a week.

No one knows what is going to happen, but at least they are being proactive by trying to put families and players first and egos aside.

Hey Softball hotbeds! What are y'all hearing or doing to prepare for what is or what is not gonna happen? TCS has said only 10 teams have withdrawn from Sparkler/Fireworks.
May 31, 2018
Allen TX
Talk in North Texas has tournaments starting as early as Memorial Day weekend or the weekend after. Maybe just wishful thinking by some.

They would have some safety measures in place, and fewer teams.

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