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11 yr old swing thoughts or comments

Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
Seems strong and dynamic. The intent of her load is in the wrong place imo. Which leaves a tough chance for ‘separation’ in her swing.

Since you’re a Dodger fan. Notice his core turn before his elbow moves forward. Notice the body positioning as well.

The ‘load’ shouldn’t be thought of as a tangible action. That’s what I think is being processed here. The ‘load’ is the the gathering of energy TO BE USED when separation is achieved.
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Notice that you have coiled inward. That's correct. However, you must coil hips and shoulders inward AS you go forward. Notice you are still over your back foot (see the back leg is still vertical?).

Once you start moving forward in your stride, you are coiling out (opening your hips). This is backwards.

Also notice that your hands are (as best I can tell from this angle) behind the back elbow. This is bat drag if you maintain it to hip slot, which you do. You have a very, very bad case of bat drag (see pic below).

How to fix:
1) Get in front of a mirror and take your stride, and hold a 45 degree inward coil (hip and shoulder) until landing. Do this for a few days until you get the hang of it. (You don't need to try to 'sit' or 'set' or 'crimp' your hip, or pick your front hip up in the air, or have a certain leg kick, just rotate your torso - it's simple.)

In a real swing, you begin to uncoil in the instant just before toe touch, but there's no need to practice that - it happens automatically, you can't stop it.

2) Now add in the hand set where you end up with mostly flat rear forearm, and hands in front of (or at least even with) elbow at landing. It doesn't matter where you begin the hands in the stance. Just end up there.
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Sep 29, 2014
While not typical and looks powerful this is a back and forth swing. In other words she goes all the way back then all the way forward with her action.

She need to as others stated coil and reach back as she comes forward. Look at the spot she is in when she is all the way back just before she comes forward she needs to hold that spot with her hips, arms and hands and even reach back a little as she comes forward.

PLEASE post video of live pitching, I think one of the big issues here is she is swinging off a tee, hitters will try and subconsciously generate extra power because from a tee they don't have incoming speed to help them out, my guess is her swing against live pitching does not look exactly like this.

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