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Recent content by dschreib

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    Parent gifts

    Sorry--not softball, but basketball (right now, although it could easily apply to softball in the spring). Senior night for our youngest is this week. Yesterday, I had an idea pop in my head to get the parents of the underclassmen on the team something to say "thanks for raising good kids that...
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    Third base coach's decision

    Happened more at the younger ages when the parents were all screaming, "GO! GO! GO!"...
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    Poor sportsmanship

    I'd also be curious what the exchange was between the second runner and catcher after the play. They obviously had words.
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    Poor sportsmanship

    Unacceptable...but probably no more than me saying I'd have my pitcher put one in her ribcage after the second one. That said, she does a nice job of "showing the back pocket" to the runner on the first clip before delivering the blow.
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    Glove Identification - Auburn 3rd Baseman

    I agree with 1786 or maybe DP15.
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    Glove Identification - Auburn 3rd Baseman

    Customized FP1175 Wilson Custom A2000 Baseball Gloves - Wilson Custom Works Edit: I take that back. Doesn't look like any of the FP models. Those all have the wrist strap.
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    HS Athletic Awards

    My oldest daughter (Jr) rec'd several awards during the ceremony this past week. All of them were great, including the individual and "team player"-type awards. However, one really got to me. Gene Coleman was the HS coach for several years, and was my wife's coach (I went to a "rival" school...
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    Turf fields

    I think all of our kids wore molded cleats. Start your slides early. My biggest complaint was the ground-up rubber. By the end of the day, even my shoes were full of it.
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    I need someone to yell at me please.

    My new job has prevented me from getting to watch many of my kids' games--softball, basketball, and volleyball. It has given me a whole new perspective. Even prior to that, though, I was the softball dad who you'd find in one of the OF corners, mostly by myself, eating seeds by the bagful to...
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    Easton bats being used by teams in the 2015 WCWS

    I think at one point a lot of the team was swinging the orange and white Mako, but from what I saw over the weekend, it appears most (if not all) have switched.
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    Easton bats being used by teams in the 2015 WCWS

    That doesn't look like the old white and purple one. I've seen pictures of her using the Mako. Doesn't really look like that one, either. Not sure. Edit: she also has the old black and purple one.
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    Easton bats being used by teams in the 2015 WCWS

    I'm a little surprised Easton isn't "forcing" UCLA to use the newer models.
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    Boggs, Gwynn and Mattingly on hitting

    My favorite Wade Boggs stat: in 1989, he swung and missed 58 times...the entire year.
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    How to transition from 8u rec (Mom coaching) to 8u TB (Mom spectating)

    My advice to transition from coach to spectator--go to Sam's/Costco and buy a bucket of sunflower seeds. At HS games, you'll find me in the RF/LF corner, chomping away. As much as I'd like to sit near the plate, it's tough to take off the coaching hat...especially when the parent-coaching...
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    Please tell me I haven't lost my mind...

    OK--I'm 42...so I don't really "sprint". It was more of a jog...or maybe a gait...which probably just seemed like a sprint in my mind. We've all established (myself included) that I lost my cool and was wrong for doing that. You guys don't know me from Adam, so you don't realize that I'm...