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May 8, 2008
Can anybody tell me is there a difference which team my DD plays for? If the teams will be playing in the same tournaments why not play for the team that will cost the least amount of $$. Why can't I just put a team together register them ASA & PONY & put them in tournaments? My DD is 12u, I could do the same thing for a couple of hundred less than most travel teams & register in the same tournaments. Whether they win or lose, they will still be learning since they will play good teams.
Most travel teams cost about $1000 + travel costs to play this includes winter workouts. My #s:
about $50/tournament per girl (6 tournaments=$300)
$150 Per player for uniforms & equipment
$150 insurance for team
$150 per girl for winter workouts (batting cage)
Total Cost about $650 per girl.
May 9, 2008
Which Team

I think it comes down to asking how good a coach are you? Are you able to manage a team? Who will be your assistant coach? Can you get permits for fields? Arrange travel for the team? Meals? Logistics? Do you have the time, energy and resources to put together a team that can compete? On what level? Local, statewide, national? A lot of good organizations have people who are dedicated to making every team in their program a success. They do things first class, many even host their own national tournaments.

There's a big temptation to start a team just so you can make your own daughter the star of that team. Can you avoid favoring your daughter if a teammate is better at her favorite position, or are you going to give in and play daddy ball?

If cost savings are your main motivation and you feel prepared to take on the responsibility of guiding a team then go for it. But just remember there are a lot of unforeseen pitfalls that you will encounter. I'd recommend that you get a copy of "A Softball Coaches Tool Kit" by Peter Sprenkle if it's your first team.

If you find the right travel organization they've been down the road before. They've dealt with everything that can and will go wrong. You'll have help and guidance for your daughter from coaches and a group of people that have experience.

It takes the same amount of steel to build a Chevy or a Cadillac. Which one do you want your daughter to ride in?

Best Regards,

May 8, 2008
It definetely is not about my DD, she is a good player (I've been told by others) & I'm not really worried about her being the star of the team, I just want her to learn & have fun doing it. I have been coaching & studying the game since she was 5, she is now 11. If she was on a team I wasn't coaching I never complained about where she played or batted, I realize this is a team game. It just seems that some of these travel organizations are in it for the $$$. I am looking into a team that has a good reputation in our area, I will probably end up going that route, the biggest problem is the daddy ball syndrome, I would love to find a team that has no parental involvement & everybody gets the playing time they deserve in the positon they should be.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Players learn at practice, not during the games. (Games are usually blowouts. The 1-0 barn burners are few and far between.) The better teams practice at a whole different level.

Additionally, the best way to push you and your DD is to compete against really good players for playing time. That is how you really find out if your DD has got what it takes for college ball.
May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
B team

Our travel organization opted to run an A team- B team situation this year. I am coaching B team. I can tell you first hand that while my girls are in the same tournys as the A team, It is no fun for any of us to get handed our lunch constantly. I can definitely see improvement in my team, but the whippings take their toll on morale, as well as learning. Your daughter needs to not only play against superior players, but also WITH superior players for her to excell as much as possible. Lane
May 9, 2008
Daddy Ball

Hi 759,

I learned about daddy ball the hard way. My daughter just turned 13. She pitched 14u this past season and was the starter. We went to try outs a few weeks ago with our local competitive association. One of the coaches for the team I had coached with previously. His daughter was a pitcher. My daughter started ahead of her on that team. The other co-coach of the team she was trying out for also had a daughter that pitched. My daughter was better than her as well. Year older, faster, more pitches, etc. So you can guess how the story goes. My daughter didn't make this team. The co-coach told my daughter that she deserved to be a number 1 or 2 pitcher and that on his team she would be a 3 or 4.

As a result we found a team across town that was glad to have my daughter and her skills. The new coach had a daughter on this team but she plays outfield. So we are looking forward to 50 mile round trips for practices twice a week. But I'm actually glad to have a fresh start with a group of people who are focused on their team and not advancing their own personal agendas. My daughter likes her new teammates and has a chance to make new friends.

Btw there's also something called Mommy Ball but I don't want to open up that can of worms. If you feel confident that you can put a travel team together that's great. If you can find an organization that is properly focused so much the better.

Good Luck,


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