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Tourney Down Time

May 9, 2008
Our Girls Juniors team is leaving for the State Tourney on Thursday. The first game is Friday at 6:30. I'm looking for ideas to keep them busy and relaxed on Friday, and also on Saturday, as that game isn't until 1:30. This is our first time going to a tourney for this group of girls. The coach has a younger son who has been to State a few times, but first he's a boy and second, he's not 13 through 15. I'm the team Mom, and have never been out of town for a State Tourney. I've worked as a Volunteer when we've hosted them here, but I've never been on the other side. I don't want the girls spending all day in the hotel rooms. We don't have unlimited funds, so I have to be frugal. Any Ideas????
May 7, 2008
Some teams go and walk the mall. Watch some of the games on Friday and see the competition.

How about the Batman movie? That would kill 3 hours.

On Sat. I would let them sleep and then take them to breakfast. They probably need to be at the field by noon.
Jul 14, 2008
We have done the movie thing as well. I almost think that mellows them out a little too much. If the hotel has a pool that would be great and at no extra cost.
May 9, 2008
The Mall

The mall is number one one their list. We probably will do that on Friday morning. (the closest mall to our hometown is 2 hours away). I'm trying to plan activities that will keep them out of the pool until after the games. I had thought of a movie, but that depends on funds and movie times.


May 7, 2008
Don't let them go swimming until they are done playing for the day.

It will zap their strength.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
What we did was to rent a meeting room at the hotel, and then ordered pizza. The kids loved it.

Here is some sage advice: Mandate that kids travel in groups of 4 throughout the entire tournament--that includes going to the bathroom, going to the snack bar, etc. Further, if the kids want to do something as a part of the team, then they have to invite everyone. Further, no one leaves until every player on the team has a group.

Do *NOT* let the kids split into cliques. Do *NOT* let the parents take 2 or 3 of them to the mall and leave. (Parents are going to want to take Suzy and Jane because they get along so well with Molly, but they don't want Sandy to come because *INSERT REASON*.)
May 9, 2008
Thanks & keep it coming

Thank you for all of the ideas and advice. PLEASE keep them coming. :) I'll let all of you know how we do. Anything to help them get over the nerves would be appreciated too.
Time & Money

Great suggestions.

A couple things we used to do, as we were in the same money boat, was to have someone bring a DVD player or portable DVD Player and watch "inspiriational movies" as a team. Generally, the girls brought movies like "A League Of Their Own" etc.. Of course, this was done in one room.

We also did team building exercises by playing games like Guess who. Each player would answer a question and write their answer on a piece of paper, answers thrown in a hat. One of their team mates would have to draw an answer and guess who wrote the answer. We made it fun and gave prizes etc... generally things they needed for their trip (hair bows, etc..) and/or fun, cute "girly" things found at the dollar store.

Whatever you do, make it a TEAM exercise or TEAM oriented and FUN. FUN was the key to keeping them together. In the words of that great poet, Cindi Lauper, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." A team that stays together, PLAYS together. :)

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