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Throwing Hard

Apr 29, 2019
I've watched the Austin Wasserman videos and been working with my daughter for about a year now on throwing the ball harder. She has good body motion, arm path is solid and great follow through. But to me it looks like she's throwing an over hand change up. I've through it was that her wrist was weak so we've been doing stretching and strengthening but I'm not seeing the ball come out of her hand any faster. You can see when she's throwing the ball she's trying to throw it a 100 mph but it just doesn't have the zip. Has anyone else gone through this with their daughter? Any recommendations?
Apr 25, 2019
Long toss. I took a ball and drove a few nails into it to add some weight and my DD and I do long toss about 4 times per week. My DD is a catcher and really wanted to throw a frozen rope this year in her second year of 12u. Her arm is steady getting stronger and it won't be long before she puts it over my head while I am one hopping it to her.
Jun 22, 2019
Agreed...long toss to strengthen the arm. All the girls on my daughters team do this as part of their warmup every practice. Start short and move to throwing from middle of left field to first base line.