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Southern Ohio Fastpitch Dad...

May 23, 2019
Hello all, coming by to engage with others about fastpitch and other items I suppose. I have coached rec ball for several years and some tournament teams after seasons were over. Looking in to coaching some school ball too. First summer in travel ball and looking forward to it.
DD is on 12U team...one of several pitchers on the team. She has an awesome PC, keeps her motivated too. Always able to fix her little problems within a few pitches. Going to be working on adding some velocity soon. She is throwing Fastball, CU, drop and curve...will get rise and screw sometime this summer. Her drop is killer...was in school ball anyhow. Curve is breaking at the plate away on righties...occasionally throws a rise or screw ...but usually inside when it happens. She is like a sponge it seems. Excels in school, loves softball too. My youngest is wanting to pitch too, but only 6, and very ambidextrous. Throws left and right, hits left and right...wants to pitch left and right too...not sure but I might make her pick one side first to work on. Play around with the other side.
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