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Runner for an injury?

Apr 26, 2015
Can you sub a runner for an injured player. There is a player on DD's HS team who had surgery. She can hit but cannot run. She is not a pitcher or catcher. Just curious...I was under the impression that was not allowed but obviously I don't know the rule book at.all! Lol!
Jun 22, 2008
You can straight sub for any player, but what I think you are asking is a courtesy runner. The answer on that is no, not unless they are pitcher or catcher. And if the coach does sub for a pinch runner he can do it once, but the second time the girl would be out of the game, only one reentry.

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Jun 22, 2008
Then again there is the elephant in the room. Why would anyone, parent, coach or whomever, even consider letting a player who obviously has not been cleared to play take a chance of further, and possibly a worse, injury by putting them in a precarious situation where many points are unpredictable? As a coach, I would tell the parents who suggested such a thing to pound sand. I would forfeit the game before putting a player in danger.

Then there is the legal aspect of liability. BTW, the little waiver people sign does not protect anyone.
Apr 26, 2015
^^^I am in total agreement with the above. In addition - this is HS ball, this girl is a senior and she is signed already. There is absolutely no reason why she should be on the field! But if you read my other thread about how crazy the tryout was that might explain some things. This coach is in a league of her own. But as a parent I would say no way!

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