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Just turned 7

Dec 2, 2019
I haven't messed with her swing too much. This is her first year of 8u travel ball. She fouls a lot of balls straight back. I think that's from collapsing her front knee. What other problems do you see?
Nov 8, 2018
A couple quick observations. I’m no expert on hitting. However I hope this helps.

Notice right elbow here. Nice position to start. Notice where her left elbow is. All good. Now watch.

See her right elbow drop and her left elbow doesn’t move. She is dumping the barrel. Those elbows should always be separated the same distance through launch.

She seems to turn and sit back.

Hope this helps a little. There are way more qualified HC’s here that can get way more detailed.

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Oct 2, 2017
At the age of 7 I wouldn't do much of anything. She doesnt look to bad in my opinion. If I was to give my 9yr old advice again at 7 is to "try" (Young players do not have body awareness) to have good posture (Chest and Head over toes and balance in their feet) through the entire swing. Also keep the bat weight light enough for them to handle efficiently. Its hard enough that they can't control their bodies well, but too heavy of a bat causes more issues and bad habits down the road to fix. Also, I'm a huge fan of a neck slot at the younger ages (mine has been using since 2nd year 8 she is now 9 first year 10u). I helps younger players to use their body to hit instead of just their arms. Just watch out you will here many times at the ball field from parents and coaches, to "get that bat off you shoulder and hold it up!" There is no truth in those statements.

Aside from that whatever you do, research it a lot, watch lots of video for your own knowledge and try any movement you want to teach her yourself. So that you know exactly what it feels like to perform the move and relay it to her. Proper communication at this age or any age for that matter, but especially at this age is crucial! Be prepared to have at least 5 different ways of explaining the thing you want communicated to her.

Go slow, make any changes slowly. Trust me, I know others here will nod in agreement, We have a tendancy at times to make changes too quickly. I'm guilty of doing it my self, It causes nothing but headaches LOL
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Dec 2, 2019
I don't push her very hard because of her age. She is very competitive so I go at the speed she wants. My biggest fear is burning her out at a young age. She is going to have this year and next at 8u, so I figure there is plenty of time. I am going to try to sneak her into a older rec league team in the spring to get some kid pitch experience.
Dec 5, 2017
Feet together step and hit drill. That is the go to drill with a lot of kids and with good reason. On the days we work on swinging away instead of slapping I have dd start out with that drill every time. If you don't know it, look up Justin Stone.
Apr 20, 2018
The bat look huge. Justin Stones video is a good choice. Coach having her turn her back foot in tells me she has decent idea of what she doing. Then the coach ask her what happened? where did it go? Helping her with awareness and feedback is also a good sign.
Sep 29, 2014
I would definitely start with the bat question, how big is she and how big is that bat just from first look...it's too big.

Other than that she is super typical for this age the only thing I might try and do is have her get a very rudimentary understanding of sequence, the biggest and first step is to have her get into proper toe touch position before coming forward...this would put her miles ahead of everyone at this stage. She didn't seem too have much time to get ready was this front toss? She just seemed like she needed to start sequence a little sooner.

Finally she is 7, don't overthink it too much gotta keep it fun at this stage looks like she has pretty good coordination and a step down in bat size and weight might do the trick now to see lots of improvement.
Dec 2, 2019
She is 42" tall and about 45 lbs and yes that bat is too big. It's a 29" -12 vendetta. She uses the team bat in games and it's a 28" -11 cf6. I am leaning towards getting her the 28" -13 f20 Mizuno. The CF6 team bat still looks too heavy for her.
Jun 8, 2016
She is 42" tall and about 45 lbs and yes that bat is too big. It's a 29" -12 vendetta. She uses the team bat in games and it's a 28" -11 cf6. I am leaning towards getting her the 28" -13 f20 Mizuno. The CF6 team bat still looks too heavy for her.
Surely you mean 52" or is she really 3'6" ? Anyway I second @djcarter1966 's recommendation regarding getting herself going a bit sooner. That said, she has an instructor. What is the instructor working on with her? You have to be careful not to overload her and/or give her mixed messages...
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Dec 2, 2019
Nope, she really is 3' 6" maybe 3'7" by now it has been a couple months since her last checkup. We haven't played a team yet with anyone smaller than her. I have seen some gigantic 8u girls though. We played a team that their catcher was at least 5' and around 120 lbs. It was pretty damn funny watching my daughter up to bat next to that girl.

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