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Injured Player Returning - Thoughts?

Sep 23, 2018
An injured player has been cleared to throw again, but is not cleared to bat. Thoughts on letting her back before she can do both? I understand, that she could play Flex, but that alters our strategy a little, and is something that we do in some games, but not in all. Ideas?
May 16, 2016
I would have her come to practice and games. She can do all the defensive drills and go through warmups with the team at games. With the wrist injury, I could see a problem using her as a courtesy runner, or pinch runner in games if she has to slide. I guess you could use her as a flex if she is better at defense than another player.
Oct 13, 2017
Personnaly i would wait till she was 100 before i put her in the game anywhere. If she cant swing a bat then shes not ready for an accidental collision and risks reinjuring. I would let her build that strength back up.
Oct 4, 2018
I'd let her practice everything that she can, but I wouldn't put her in games until she's fully healed.
Jun 6, 2016
When you say the injured player "has been cleared," do you mean by a doctor? If so, I'd find out exactly what activities she can do and let her do those and nothing else.

If she's just cleared for throwing/playing catch, that sounds like she's not really ready to play in a game. But if she can do everything except swing a bat, and the doctor says so, I see no problem in using her on defense or as a pinch runner.
Apr 16, 2010
Follow the doctors orders. If she is cleared to throw and catch use this time to work on regaining arm strength and conditioning to get ready to play. You could also have her doing one hand tee work with her good hand. When she is 100% cleared she will be ready to go with no problems.

DD just went through missing the entire varsity regular season with a broken ankle. after a couple of weeks she started working in the weight room and throwing. She also hit a ton of balls while sitting or kneeling on a bucket. She was released at 1000 am a few weeks ago, I dropped her off at the school in time to catch the bus, and she started a playoff game that afternoon. She was ready to play because of the other work she had doen while injured.

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