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May 14, 2015
Bismarck ND
Yes, DD does both during the spring season. But Track is the weight events, so no real time invested compared to softball. Both coaches are great about it. Bonus up here one practice counts for both!
Oct 5, 2017
Western Indiana
We are a small school and we have some kids do two sports. During spring girls season there are three options: tennis,track, and softball. A couple years ago (before I was softball coach) there was a very good athlete that participated on both tennis and softball. It effected both sports and both teams. Tennis coach said he would not let it happen again. He would rather loose an athlete than have one play when she showed up. Conference games and matches were missed so he did not feel it was fair to the other athletes.

Last season our centerfielder/leadoff hitter ran track. We are encouraged to work with each other on scheduling. Needless to say it effected our team more than theirs. In my opinion it hurt our team at times when she did not practice for a couple days then shows up and thinks she should start. I know everyone has different experiences but those are some negatives.

With that being said, we encourage our players that don't play travel ball to play other off seasons sports. Over half our team plays volleyball and basketball with a handful that swim in the winter.

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