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Foot injury

May 13, 2009
My 10 year old daughter pulled a ligament in the bottom of the foot. From the big tow all the way back to the heel. It is swollen and she cannot put any pressure on it and it has been a problem for 2 days. We had it x-rayed today just in case.

I cannot find anything any information on this injury from pitching. It is her drag foot that is hurt. I assume she twisted it when coming through.

Anyone have any experrience with this and if so, what can I expect. How long is she down for and is this easliy re-injured.

Thoughts ?
May 7, 2008
I am wondering what your doctor told you? I mean, is he doing an MRI or anything or did he just take a guess? Did he put her in a "rocker boot" so she can walk or is she just on crutches?

What meds did he prescribe for the swelling and pain?

If it is a normal type sprain she would need ice, compression, and elevation.

I have not seen this type of injury from pitching, but I guess that it could happen if she is dragging her foot wrong. (Some students really dig a trench or have a mule kick or drag the side of the foot.)

A serious sprain can take longer to heal than a broken bone, but again, your doctor should be helping her.

Good luck. How frustrating for her.


May 7, 2008
After a bad truck wreck in 1986, I had to have my ACL replaced.

Once I got to the point I could put a little weight on that foot, I got woke up at night with a cramp in my big toe and it was pointing straight up at my nose.

Later the ligamate or possibly muscle that ran down my lower leg bone on the outside was sore as all get out. That ligamate / muscle ran across the top of my ankle and attached to the top of the big toe.

The ligamate that attaches to the bottom of the big toe was also very sore.

At any rate, it was all a result of the knee and the ACL.

Dont rule that out as a possibility. Probably not and I hope not but if she was dragging very hard, anything is possible and it sure sounds familiar from my experience with my own injury.

You need and MRI and you need an Ortho surgeon and possibly a well trained physical therapist to test the stability of the knee too.
May 13, 2009

It has been 10 days and it is still swollen. Went to an orthopedic yesterday and he said the same as the pediatric. About two more weeks of pain. She is in one of those open toe shoes.. I have a difficult time believing the diagnosis but I will have to wait. Feel bad for her. Travel was about to start when the injury happened. She will miss at least 3 weeks if not more.

Thank you for your input

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