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Fast Food-How Often?

May 5, 2008
A spin off the youth fitness thread...How often do you eat/buy fast food.

There was a point this season that we were doing fast food almost daily. Kinda scary. Now working on finding better alternatives.
May 7, 2008
Stacie...it takes a lot of preparation to bring alternatives. During the week of peak season, we eat better, just never together. Practice this way and practice that way. Weekends are most challenging because we have to prepare healthy choices to bring with us or we fall in the pit of what's the best of the worst. We usually do Wendy's if it comes down to that. Fresh fruit, salads, etc.

It's tough.

May 8, 2008
South Florida
What do you bring to the park??

I agree this is very difficult when my daughters I have 2 of my own and 2 step daughters and they were all playing at one time when they were younger and we are both full timeworking parents so eating properly was definitely a challenge!! We were in the fast food right for a time period and I took a step back to think this is just not right or healthy. Now my two step daughters don't play so it has made it a little easier but it is a huge challenge on the weekends with travel ball because your morning can start at 7 am on the diamonds and end at 6pm or later. I used to pack sandwiches in the cooler ready made the night before if we had an early morning but the girls said the bread was too heavy in their stomach and they were soggy!! So now I use different types of wraps and make usually turkey because that is the favorite in this house the girls love them becuase they are not as heavy and they don't get soggy and they are easy to make and we always have alot of fruitfor those short in between breaks to recharge themselves. Grapes is the favorite here!! No more fast food for this household!! This also saves us money because this isn't a cheap sport as they get older because their travels take themout of state and the cost of gas is nojoke right now!! Anybody else with thoughts of what they take to the park to eat that the girls like and need please share!!:rolleyes:cool:


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
THE question. I think everything in life should be moderation. We all know teams that attacks the concession stands at each park for gatorades, hotdogs, and other fast food.
With a bit of planning, it really isn't that hard to get healthy, high-energy food. There are plenty of pre-package healthy food today. And fruits are very good for athletes.

Fast-food- when you don't really have a choice and lose the fries.

A hamburger by itself is a not a great choice but it's not that bad either. What makes it worse, it is the coke and especially the fries.

At a concession stand, go for the burger and gatorade. As I said not great but will do the work but no fries.

May 7, 2008
School lunch choices are part of the problem, too. My DD loves McD's and is almost 20, now. So, during HS she was eating at McD's at least once a day.

At age 18, she had to have her gall bladder at. Coincidence? I don't know.

I would never pick up fast food for a family meal, but sometimes have done the Arby's sandwiches or KFC, which I would only do once a month or less.

Ball parks do not help, as they will not let you take a cooler in and the local park here in Tucson says "No Tailgating."

I refuse to eat at a concession stand because I know how dirty they are and the great chance of mouse infestation.

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