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Coaching young girls

Dec 10, 2008
Last year I took over a 8U team mid season due to a coach just flaking out.

Having played ball most of my life but never coaching especially girls I was lost.

I talked to friends that have boys in travel ball and got some good basic drills to run. As well as just common sense in practicing instead of the ,okay what should we do today as girls got bored.Worked great right away!

One thing I have learned from all here is running drills that keep them going and not be bored.

Flash to this year.I will have a 10u and 8u team.I have basically 4 weeks of 2 maybe 3 practices a week.I am writing in some drills as well as some verbal teaches about basics of when and where to throw as examples.

I realize I am not going to change anyone's kid in that span as far as batting(which I am trying to learn better) or pitching.They have to do that.
But I feel if I can get them to make quick,smart decisions fast.I will be on the right track.

Any tips from your experiences?
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
I've coached from 10U, through 18U, HS varsity and private lessons.

I believe that although you only have your team together 2-3X a week, you CAN and should (for players development) have a couple extra nights for pitchers & catchers only (Means time for Catchers to get Catcher specific drills also!) (Pitchers and catchers FIELDING work included), and 2 nights for BATTING / BUNTING only. These "Batting/Bunting" nights I would have approx 4 girls at a time for approx 45 minutes per group, to ENSURE correct mechanics and vision training/seeing the ball. they overap 15 minutes so the next group gets in and stretches, then starts their T work.
I also make sure EVERYONE knows how to baserun and their slides (to break up force play AND Hook slides), the ones that don't and MAY be 8-10 of them, are scheduled for 3 nights early on for approx 30 minutes to learn and practice sliding.
** Starting to see a pattern? those that neeed extra work, whether they are 10 or 18, whether they just don't have the skills they should for their age groups, or in a position, they work extra nights. Not tons of extra time for the players, but tons of time for me, but I know my girls develop and I feel good as many of my girls start at Varsity as Freshman. THOSE that won't commit the extra nights are limiting themselves as well as playing time. So yes, to some degree, its up to them, but ONLY AFTER I do what I can to give them the opportunity to develop.

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