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2nd Base? Plus slap hitting updates

Feb 13, 2020
Without seeing any video of player op referring to. Think recall she's a senior?
General feedback

Here is something to consider.
*when she is playing, showcasing and colleges are watching~
Would you rather her look comfortable and confident in her position?
And let the College Coaches evaluate her skills in a position she already knows? They can make the deision later if they need her to play somewhere else?
Have her playing in a position she doesnt know, posibly not play the right angles, and colleges see a player already in 18's kinda look dorky?
Just sayin'
Remember colleges may NOT know this creative plan of yours to develop late bloomed possible skill sets. And neat plan but this may have been better to start it a few years ago.

imo~ for showcasing
it is better to go on the field and do what we do best,
Than to figure out on the field what others are already doing better.
Thanks for the feedback. Dd is almost 17 and a jr which is a little late to start this but dd didnt really want to try this plan until now. Dd has tried slapping in the past (I think she was about 15 and it was pretty brief) with a slapping coach but she never used it in game cause her coach never let her. Dd hasn’t gone to any showcases yet and when she does she will be playing in her regular positions. This is just something I’m trying to develop on the side. I’m not gonna tell coaches dd is primarily a slapper and 2nd basemen. I’ll say dd is a cf who hits for power but we’re teaching her how to slap.

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