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    Tim Collier

    Tim Collier
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    DONE 292 Weldon Road Tallassee, AL 36078 and yes that is Tallassee in Alabama NOT...

    DONE 292 Weldon Road Tallassee, AL 36078 and yes that is Tallassee in Alabama NOT Tallahassee in FL Thanks so much.
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    I'll take it. Let me know what you need.

    I'll take it. Let me know what you need.
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    crow hop fix/help

    Yeah, when I said -Was it their drive or forcing an open position? I meant was this what was causing the issue? My pitcher isn't crow hopping but she is on the entire side of her drag foot and sometimes stops that leg from following through altogether. We have been focusing on a straight drive...
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    crow hop fix/help

    How did you present this info to the girls to get them to understand it? What did you specifically tell them to fix the issue? Was it their drive or forcing an open position? Thanks
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    Video of big hitters striking out

    Alabama Softball used to have (may still be there) YES YES NO on or near the foul poles. Same intent.
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    Bad throwing mechanics are hurting daughter's elbow

    Before she starts to go forward (rotate toward target) the ball should be facing down. Try this-Tell her to take the ball out of her glove facing down and keep it down until her front foot makes contact with the ground. This should help her sequence.
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    Front side resistance question

    The ball position at 9:00 is what I noticed 1st. A pusher will typically release later with a forward lean/bend and little resistance from the front side. When I used to pitch BP by pushing the ball I bent over and had little resistance. I have been throwing full circle BP for a while now...
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    Pitcher's toe drag

    Exactly-Quit trying to force the opening and let it happen naturally. GO STRAIGHT. We have a high school pitcher that lands on the right side of center with the big toe pointed in somewhat. Her foot shifts in the dirt as she closes on every pitch. That torque has to take a toll on the knee.
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    The Kelly Barnhill Thread

    No-not compared to what I see in 12U travel and school ball in our area. The college strike zone is small comparatively.
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    The Kelly Barnhill Thread

    Illegal pitches and ridiculous strike zones for the younger age groups and high school as well. Some of these called outside strikes are unhittable and would be a HBP if thrown that far inside.
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    Rear Femur ....

    Is this the same concept as NoonTime's description below? Stand on your rear leg facing a wall. ( you can pretend to hold a bat ). Your front leg knee lifted up a bit, front foot off the ground. So you are balanced on your rear leg. From here you can do several different things to coil. A)...
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    Hardest flaw to fix

    This and drive straight ahead instead of trying to get open. The arm over the top will ( ball facing catcher) will get her open enough. If she is rotating her hip she won't stick her butt out. This should clean up her posture as well.
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    pitch placement

    The same as the overhand throw. It should have nothing to do with stepping left or right of an imaginary line.

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