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    Overhand vs Underhand

    Good advice. I like the incremental progression and alternating over and underhand long toss idea. We just started the long toss walking in, which turns into running in. lol. We can only get into a large facility this time of year once a week, so it maybe one week over and one week underhand...
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    Overhand vs Underhand

    Jets calmed on the strength training. Maybe I should have included a strength training plan "appropriate to age." I agree on the bullets and that is kind of my point. I am extremely conscientious of over working and the potential for injury. Just thinking about efficient and effective time spent.
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    Overhand vs Underhand

    Thats just it. We put all of this effort into her pitching motion, her overhand throwing is lacking IMO. If her overhand velocity is any indication of underhand potential, we might need to increase emphasis in that area. Its not that we dont work on it, its just amount of dedicated time to one...
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    Overhand vs Underhand

    Hey everyone- I've been lurking here for a little while but have never posted... Have a 10 year old DD / Pitcher. Just have a curious question. In regards to velocity, is there correlation with overhand speed and underhand pitching speed? Based on some tips I've learned from this forum we have...
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    Another new member

    I am a Dad of a 10u daughter. I also am doing some little league and travel coaching. Was a baseball player through college, but have fallen in love with softball. My daughter is a pitcher who I started with IR from day one (been a challenge). I haven't found a local coach who teaches it so I...