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Watch how long he hides the ball

I know most on here are used to seeing the female pitchers pitch and some hide and some do not hide the ball. However in the men's game every pitcher hides the ball not just Hillhouse and this guy high lighted on this thread. I was hiding the ball in 1969 when I first started and all through the years I pitched. And every pitcher I pitched against hid the ball. So nothing new here.
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Nov 26, 2010
Geez, she didn't say look at this guy doing something no one else has ever done. She didn't say look at this guy doing something better then anyone in the history of the game. She merely said, look how long he hides the ball. And from the clip, he hides it very well and for a long time.

Sometimes observations are just that, observations. Not declarations of anything other then. Look at this.
Jul 28, 2008
That's the same motion my DD uses. Very similar to Hillhouse. She does not swing her arm back behind her.
I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood hiding the ball in the men's game has always been there just not recent development. I started in 1969 and many other pitchers way before my time hid the ball. The men's game is not as popular as it used to be so many people only know the game thru the female game. Until recently many women (I said many not all) did not hide the ball as well as they should have. But as the men who play are getting into the college game they are ensuring their pitchers are hiding the ball better.
Apr 25, 2010
And my point is that women don't need the men to tell us that. We already know and have known for decades. If a pitchers wants to do something, I know I don't always force my opinions on them, but I let them know. The fathers are coaching their daughters today, so there is male influence on the not hiding.
Apparently, we do. ALL the men hide the ball for the longest possible time. Few of the women hide it that long.
Apr 25, 2010
I am tired of telling you that women's softball just a few years ago, the women hid the ball, They all hid it in the 80s. By that I mean no backswing and, if in front, keeping hands together in front. OK If you want to think that the Gods and Goddesses of softball male and female can only be happening since Jennie Finch.

They are making it illegal anyway (which I am against BTW). So the "as long"--if those few inches maybe up the circle make such a big deal, and you see it only rarely--is not a good thing to learn. The basic hiding that is a tradition in the sport, well that is a good thing to learn.
Has it ever occurred to you that I may have played in the 80's? Of course not. You are not the only woman here who has ever played. I'm done with you. On the ignore list you go...

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